Chapter 43 - Vanquished

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Amara's POV

I never knew ten minutes could feel like an eternity. It made sense though. Five minutes felt like forever, ten must be double that. It could only be common sense.

A bubbled feeling encumbered my stomach. I closed my eyes and saw galaxies. Stress vanquished my conscious. I took a breath and it all vanished. Nerves of steel, that was a high statement.

Eternities passed, and so did bubbled, nauseous feelings. Kicks and groans. Taps and impatient moods. Was I feeling this way due to the fact I could be a mother? Or was I experiencing this feeling like every month of puberty?

I sat up and brought my feet to the edge of the bed. Part of me wanted to lay and decay forever, the other part had hope. Hope to get up and check. Hope won. I gently placed my feet on the ground-no swollen ankles. Maybe I wasn't pregnant after all. . .

Weight spread across the area of my feet. My stomach churned. Maybe I was. . .

I wobbled my way to the bathroom. Each step was a tumble to the center of the earth. The soft carpet swallowed my feet.

After another eternity (it was probably those ten minutes) my feet reached the cold tile ground. The cold transferred from the floor to my feet in a matter of seconds. I shivered.

I forced myself to look into the mirror, I'm surprised it didn't shatter. The bags under my eyes were more pronounced than before. The corner of my eyes were all crusted; a mixture between them watering and me crying from the grim pain.

A knock was soon situated on the door. I didn't speak nor move. The knock returned. I sighed. "Come in," the most faint voice came out of my mouth.

The door opened. Carter ambulated through the door. A small plastic bag, white in color, was in his left hand. "Where are you?" He said with the most healthy voice, compared to mine.

"Bathroom," I sparsely answered. A few loud but meaningful steps approached me. My head began to feel light, I stumbled backwards to sit down on the toilet. Right as Carter came into the bathroom, I was finally placing my body down.

His jaw dropped as I looked at him. He scanned my face, it was horrendous. "You look," he stopped. "Horrible."

"I feel the equivalent to that," I managed to say. Carter brought his body down in front of me, he sat down on the icy tile and opened the bag. Inside the bag was a small bottle of pills, the Meclizine I was wishing for. A pink box was also in the bag, I sighed looking at them.

"Are you ready?" He asked gazing into my eyes. I nodded. "But, can I ask you something?" I furrowed my eyebrows in suspision, but allowed anyway. "It happened last night right?" I nodded again. "Well, I took high school health, and I don't think its possible to even get pregnant after one day. Like you won't get the symptoms."

"I know that," my voice cracked.

"Okay, just checking," he smiled. Carter reached for the Meclizine. His fingers opened the cardboard in one swift move. He pulled the bottle out and followed the instructions on the cap; push down and turn left. Two pills popped in his hand, he handed them to me. My hand touched his, I didn't even think about this sexually. I just wanted the pills. I tilted my head back and swallowed them, dry.

Carter reached for the next box, "No." His eyes met mine. "I will do it myself."

"Are you sure?" He asked, I was starting to envy his healthy voice. I nodded. "Okay," he got up off of the ground. "I'll be in your room."

"Okay," I swallowed the saliva lingering in my mouth. Carter stepped slowly, cautiously out the bathroom. I stayed waiting for him to be gone. The door then shut.

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