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One Year Ago...From the Memory of Isaac Vacker

I don't know what it was, or when it happened. I just kind of looked at her one day and realized, "Wow, I love her laugh." Then another day I realized, "Wow, she's beautiful". Then another day, "Wow, I love to be around her." Then another day, "Wow, I like her."


Could falling in love be so easy? So slow? It was as if I was being slowly lowered down to the earth after I was abducted by aliens. Dad knows I like her and he says it's like when he met mom, except, he didn't figure out he liked her for awhile. He and mom knew one another for a long time before they started dating, and they went through a lot. I've never seen two people more in love... well, except for Auntie Bee and Uncle Dex, except they're a lot mushier. It's almost gross (almost), especially when Valentine's Day rolls around. They always make a big deal out of it and the basics are always the same. Auntie Bee makes chocolate caramel custard bursts just for Uncle Dex, and Uncle Dex always brings her home a big bouquet of flowers. They always give their kids lots of hugs and kisses and a little present like new hair pins or a new toy truck. They bring some for us too, Amy and I. Last year they gave Amy a new bracelet that Uncle Dex made and Auntie Bee embroidered one of my Foxfire sweaters with spaceships and stars and planets. It's my absolute favorite.

My parents get us some little chocolate boxes, and Amy and I always make them breakfast before they send us to stay at Auntie Bee's for the day while they go off on some adventure together. It's what they like to do. They go out all day and sometimes all night and when they come back, they tell us about their adventures. Sometimes it's something epic like taking a hike on Boubala Mountain (the mountain famous for having all four seasons present on the surface at different heights) or it's something simple like going to see Silveny and her family or a rowboat ride on the Mirrored Lake. It's basically just a day for them to spend time together without work or anyone else. I don't mind though, it's nice to see them when they get back all starry eyed. They're always smiling like the best thing in the world happened that day, then they hug Amy and I and we all talk over cups of warm hot chocolate until we fall asleep in the living room together.

This year, Amy claims that she's too big to fall asleep in the living room with her family and that I should be embarrassed about wanting to do it, but I don't care. I like to spend time with my family like that, it makes me feel special, AND I get to hang out with my little sister, who is completely embarrassed by me. How an eleven year old can be embarrassed by her older brother, I have no idea.

I love to be close to my parents, they're some of my most favorite people ever. I love being part of their world and being one of the things they love so so much. I just wish Amy could feel that way too, but she claims that the kids at school would never stop teasing her if they found out, but I think she really means Henry. They're always fighting and stuff, so like, I guess it would give him an upper hand.

Mom and Dad are disappointed that she won't be joining us for cocoa, but I plan to try to be enough fun for both Amy and I. I know they say it's okay that she isn't coming, but I can tell that they're upset. This has been a thing we've done ever since we were really little and now that Amy doesn't want to join... it's like she doesn't want to be close to us I guess. But that's okay, I'll be enough for both of my parents so they won't be sad anymore. Amy will miss these times when she's older and she'll come back, right? Until then, I'll hold down the fort and keep my parents smiling like they do after they come back from adventuring.

They're still out right now, and I have a daunting task ahead of me. I got flowers for Iris, and now I have to give them to her. They're only daisies, I know, but Auntie Bee says that daisies are the gentlest kind of "I love you", and she knows more about romance than anybody.

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