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When you love that person you'll do everything for him/her. Even if you're being called a STALKER. You don't care at all...

All you want is for him/her to be yours..

This is a story about ALEXANDER LIM and KAIRA SY FUENTES.

ALEXANDER LIM is a member of a rich and powerful family in their place. He have her sister Alyana Lim. They can always get what they want because they can afford it.

Alexander Lim is once a badboy but he changed after he met this girl named Kaira.

KAIRA SY FUENTES is the daughter of Karla and Karterol Fuentes. Kaira have her kuya named Kaizier Fuentes. They have a peaceful family living and a simple family as well.

Tara na at sabay-sabay tayong kiligin sa storya ni Alexander at Kaira dito sa....

The Badboys Love

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