Chapter 24

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Rolling over in the morning, Aylin reached over to find an empty spot next to her. Popping up, her ears heard the shower running. Dropping her head back down onto to the pillow, her mind went to nights events. Though Ezekiel was angry, he wasn't angry at her. That turn of events shocked her. She expected him to throw a fit, punch a wall; do something hasty. 

Pulling the blanket over her head, the sound of the rushing water stopped. All her muscles tensed when she thought about how he might exit the bathroom. Now that they were fully mated, all Aylin wanted to do was show Ezekiel how much he meant to her, even if they were at her old pack. Everything around them was from the past, and it needed to stay that way. 

The sudden thought of the meeting at the pack house filled Aylin with an indescribable amount of turmoil. 'Kaia, a little help, please.'

'Oh, now you want my input?' she sniped back.

'Should I go with Ezekiel to the meeting?'

"Aylin, honey, it's time to get up," a masculine voice cut in.

Groaning slightly, she curled herself further under the covers, still trying to figure out if she should broach the subject of the meeting. Remembering the last meeting made her shiver. What if there was more to the story that Daemon didn't mention? There would be no way for Aylin to defend herself. "Do I have to?" she moaned.

"Don't make me come under there," he teased, seductively. 

"Bring it on, Mr. Alpha!" 

A low growl made her tense under the comforter. "You're going to wish you never said that, kitten." 

Feeling the bed dip down, Aylin prepared herself for the impending torture Ezekiel was going to throw at her. When a knock on the door hit their ears, there was a collective moan of disapproval from both of them. Emerging from underneath, her eyes set on her towel clad mate, with his hair slightly dripping. Unconsciously, Aylin licked her lips. 

"Yes?" Ezekiel's irritated voice answered. 

Quill's voice came from the other side of the door. "Alpha Morris is asking when you're planning on coming to the pack house for the meeting. What should I tell him?" 

Rubbing his forehead in frustration, Aylin placed her hand on his. Gazing up to his mate, he smiled slightly. "Tell him an hour. And tell him that Aylin will be present, as well." 

Tensing at his words, Aylin's eyes widened. "Are you sure?"

Tucking hair behind her ear, he chuckled slightly. "Of course, you're my mate, Luna, and Queen. You're entitled to know what I know."  Standing up, his bare torso was on display. Crossing her legs, there was no hiding her arousal. The mere thought that Ezekiel placed so much trust in her caused her heart to race. "Sweet pea," Ezekiel purred, "control yourself, or we'll never make the meeting." 

Embarrassed, she looked away from her mate. "Sorry," she whispered. Crawling off the bed away from him, Aylin padded into her closet to see what she could wear. Heavy footsteps followed her. Still embarrassed, her eyes remained fixed on the clothes in front of her. 

"What's wrong?" Not answering for a moment, there was nothing that she could say that would hide her flushed cheeks. "Aylin!" he said, a little more forcefully.

"Hmm, oh, it's nothing," she lied. 

"Then why are your cheeks redder than a tomato?" Ezekiel teased. Turning back to the clothes, Aylin ignored him. Large hands made their way over her waist, breath on her ear. "When we get home, we won't be leaving the bedroom for awhile." Tenderly kissing her cheek, he walked back to the bedroom to change. 

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