Steve Jobs vs Bill Gates Epic Rap Battles of History

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If you haven't seen this already then thats dissapointing

Ok so whats different is that this is a rap battle

Apple Vs PC

Steve Jobs Vs Bill Gates

Leave comment on which one you think is better in the rap battle

So enjoy

P.S Hal 9000 is a secret character in the rap battle

Well not much of a secret

P.S.S If you think i should post more rap battles then comment

Lyircs are listed below:


Epic Rap Battles Of History!

Bill Gates Vs...

[Steve Jobs]

Let me just step right in

I got things to invent

I’m an innovator baby

Change the world

Fortune 500 ‘fore you kissed a girl

I’m a pimp you’re a nerd

I’m slick you’re cheesy

Beating you is Apple II easy,

I make the products that the artist chooses,

And the GUI that Melinda uses,

I need to bring up some basic shit,

Why’d you name your company after your dick?

[Bill Gates]

You blow Jobs, you arrogant prick,

With your second hand jeans and your turtle neck,

I’ll drill a hole in the middle of your bony head,

With your own little spinning beach ball of death


You got given up at birth,

I give away your network to AIDs research!

Combine all your little toys and I still crush that,

iPhone, iPad, iPwn, iSmack,

[Steve Jobs]

A man uses the machines you build to sit down and pay his taxes,

The man uses the machines I build to listen to the Beatles while he relaxes,

[Bill Gates]

Well Steve, you steal all the credit for work that other people do,

Did your fat beard Wozniak write these raps for you too?


[Steve Jobs]

Ooo, everybody knows Windows bit off Apple

[Bill Gates]

I tripled the profits on a PC

[Steve Jobs]

All the people with the power to create use an apple!

[Bill Gates]

And people with jobs, use a PC