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She'd never thought she would have to steal as much as she seemed to be. 

Evie awoke the next morning ready. She knew that whatever they were going to get meant that they were one step closer to getting her mother back. One step closer to Evie's freedom from the world. However, she felt groggy from the night before. The feeling of the fighting she had done was still on her body. She had to wash the violence away. 

Therefore, she went for a shower. Evie was unaware of exactly how much time she spent in the shower. However, the feeling of the hot water running down her back encouraged her to stay longer inside. It was almost as if she could physically see the stress and emotions from the day previously running down the pipes as the water continued to run. 

Eventually, she left the shower and begun to get dressed in her bedroom. She wore a pair of denim dungarees which were slightly lighter in colour. Under these, she wore a grey jumper. The main problem for Evie, as she was rolling the bottoms of the dungarees up slightly, was the shoes she didn't know what shoes to wear with them. However, she remembered the box she had returned to the night previously. On her bed had been a mixture of boxes. One of which seemed large enough to fit a pair of shoes in. Therefore, she was pleasantly surprised to see a pair of grey timberlands inside. She had no clue who the shoes had come from but they were beautiful and just her size. She matched it with the same jewellery she wore the day beforehand. Then she did her makeup. She focused more on a slightly darker eyeshadow look on the eyes to match the grey colours she wore in her outfit. Her lips were a nude colour. Once happy with her appearance she left her room.

Evie was enjoying putting more effort into her appearance. She hadn't put this much effort in since the crash. However, Gret had always said how much she loved Evie's appearance with or without makeup. Though she liked it when Evie put an effort in as these were the days where you could tell Evie was happy. 

She walked her way down to the kitchen set on getting her breakfast. She wanted to eat before having to go off on whatever strange mission they selected for her to join today. She knew that Luke wanted her to come along when they went to retrieve where they thought the cup was hidden. She chewed her cereal slowly as Clary and Jace walked into the kitchen obviously looking for her. 

"Ready to go?" Jace asked to which Evie only motioned to her food. A sighed passed Jace's lips as he realised that they were going to have to wait for her to finish before they could leave. This was why Evie slowed down more if it was even possible, enjoying the looks on both Jace's and Clary's faces. She was going to drag this out.

Nearly ten minutes later Evie finished. They then set out to meet Luke at the police station. Evie walked behind the couple as they headed towards the station. She let them talk among themselves as she followed a short distance behind. The distance was not large but it was enough to not be associated with the two if someone with the sight saw the three. Eventually, they reached the station where they stayed under the magical spell which made them invisible. 

Evie watched as the events play out in front of her.  First Luke attempted to get to his stuff. He was shortly arrested afterwards by a supposed internal affairs officer. Though Evie was sure this was a disguise and that Valentine had sent his men after Luke. She then watched as Clary attempted to get the cards from Luke's belongings by pretending to break up with Jace. However, is she really looked close she could see that some of the fake breaking up seemed to show real feelings. Great there was something between Clary the overconfident and Jace the bigheaded. She was sure their children would be a nightmare. 

She watched as the two walked away from their attempt dejected. Jace then called for backup when realising that they would need to get more help to steal the cards. Evie also watched as Clary received a call from Simon who seemed panicked though done nothing about it rather hanging up because once again Clary's problems were much more important than anything else anyone else was going through. Evie sent a message Simons way.

'Hey Simon, it's Evie. I overheard part of your conversation with Clary. You sound petrified. If you want someone to talk to I'm here.' Yes on most days Evie wasn't overly fond of Simon. He seemed too clingy towards her sister. However, he had begun to treat them as if they were individuals. Plus it seemed as though once again she was clearing up behind her sister fixing her mistakes. 

Shortly after Jace hung up Izzy and Alec turned up. Evie was glad to see the two siblings as she could not stand to see much more of her sisters and Jace's interaction. Therefore, she chose to stay with the siblings rather than go ahead with Clary and Jace. Plus she was certain there was no room left with their two heads so that she wouldn't have been able to fit in either. 

Evie racked her eyes up and down Izzy as per usual. Once again the girl had dressed phenomenally. Evie couldn't help but stare. This staring went noticed for once.  The only person she was aware caught her was Alec who rose a single eyebrow in her direction. However, she was completely unaware of Izzy who too noticed the staring as she too looked Evie up and down. 

"So Xander, you have two choices. Either you tell me now exactly what happened last night between you and loverboy or  you can tell me when we get back to the institute." Evie started the conversation off with giving a small wiggle of her eyebrows. Even if her love life was going slow and she was sure she was dammed with love, it didn't mean she couldn't help but get her friends love lives sorted. It also didn't mean she couldn't be nosy about her OTP. 

She then began to unbutton the top two buttons of Alec's shirt rolling the sleeves up to just below his elbows. 

"Why are you doing this Lele?" he questioned in response. Yet before Evie could reply to his question Izzy had beaten her to it.

"Well, neither I or Evie can really be the distraction. You see I don't think we're her type." Izzy had explained essentially taking the words right out of Evie's mouth.

"Think as this as practice anyway Xander. You can try to see what you need to improve on before you ask Magnus out." Evie explained before pushing him towards the lady behind the desk. Evie then watched as Alec made a fool out of himself. It was obvious he was much more comfortable flirting with other girls than those of the opposite gender. 

All in all, they did manage to require the cup. Evie felt bad about it though considering that they had not only stolen from Luke. Though this was not really the case as he had taken it from their house and had given them permission to take it back. They had also just stolen from the police officer. 

Authors note: Well we are just over half way through season one of shadowhunters. I have finally finished the plot line and have written part of the final chapter. I just need the remaining chapters to go in between. I'm thinking that this book is going to have somewhere near 40 chapters by the time I am done. However, I am aware that these chapters are not the longest they could be. But I would like to thank you all for reading. Please do continue to comment as I love to read every thought you have about this book and the characters.  

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