Free Book!

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Hi guys!

Sorry this isn't an update...the book is already over; but this is an exciting announcement. It's about one of my published books on Amazon. It's kind of a Romantic Erotica, but it has a lot of romance and feel good vibes. I hope you'll like it. Synopsis is at the bottom.

If anyone is interested in buying Intrigued, the first book in the Intrigued Trilogy, I'm pleased to announce that it will be free on Amazon very soon! So if you are interested, stay tuned to learn the date.

Also, if you can't wait till you grab it for free, Intrigued will be on a discount and will be available for only $0.99 on Amazon on the 24th of February.

Plus, the second book of my Intrigued Trilogy, Enigma, will be releasing soon. It's been really fun writing the book and I hope you guys will have just as much fun reading it!

Also, if you have any questions to ask me, about my books or even about me, you can ask me right away. Just add the tag #AskAnnaKendra and ask your question. I'll be answering all your questions on a YouTube video and that way you'll get to know more about me. So I'll be looking forward to hearing from you there! Just comment your questions with the #AskAnnaKendra hashtag and you're good to go!


P.S: This is the synopsis for Intrigued, to get you interested:

Intrigue; something or someone who arouses curiosity or interest or fascination. For Grace Summers, Daniel Romano is the personification of that verb. A perfect stranger to have a perfectly wild one-night stand with, but he's definitely not the kind she wants in her life on a day-to-day basis. She has enough trouble as is, she doesn't need a rich playboy who can't take no for an answer.

Intrigue; making secret plans to do something illicit. Oh, he has plans alright; and some of them can get him behind bars. Once Daniel has had a taste of the sensual beauty named Grace, he knows that once wasn't enough. And the plans he has for her....But God forbid, the stubborn woman is Hell bent on keeping him from getting under her skin and her tight fitting corporate skirts. But, Daniel isn't a quitter. And the prim and proper Miss. Summers needs a few lessons in the bedroom on how to loosen up.

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