07| The Beta Ceremony

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Written on April 17th, 2017

Chapter 7: The Beta Ceremony

Aletta Castilo

Aletta knows that she barely has any time left, and that she couldn't afford to waste a minute. Which was why she was forcing her legs to move faster than they already are - something seemingly impossible for a mere Human - frustrating her even more. There was no room for mistakes, seeing as one simple mistake would be the end of Amada.


The thought of Amada gave Aletta the chance to muster up that last bit of courage she needed to push open the large doors leading to the Church. It took quite some strength, as the large doors were heavier than she expected. Aletta ignores the suprised looks she receives from bystanders, and attempts to get her breathing in check.

As soon as Aletta makes eyecontact with Amada, she feels relieved of the tension she was feeling just before. A look of relief is etched on Amada's face. Aletta nods to her in reassurance, and a gentle smile makes way to her face. Before opening her mouth, she inhales deeply - as if it was her attempt to muster up all the courage she could find.

'I object.'

The moment those words leave Aletta's lips, several Wolves around her gasp for breath. The surprised looks from before had changed to one of horror, some of them even had a hint of fear mixed in.

At the same time, Alpha King Julius stood up from his throne, looking completely surprised to where Aletta was standing. Meanwhile, Aletta was - slowly, cautious and in complete control of herself - making her way to the altar.

No one had said a word since Aletta had entered the room, and it looked to her that no one was planning to do so.

Once Aletta had reached the almost newlyweds, Amada immediately grabbed her hand. She had a grateful look in her eyes, but it was mixed with a certain sadness. Amada had the chance to get away from the barbaric Beta, but she knew that it would go at the cost of losing her older sister.

'You want to object?' Julius repeats, and raises his eyebrows. 'How were you planning to object?' Even though Aletta - who thought that the man was way too arrogant for his own good - couldn't stand the man, she had to admit that she was glad that he was reacting calmly to this matter.

'I want to take Amada's place,' Aletta replies, adding as much force to her voice as she possibly could. She tried her best to keep her nerves under control, something she barely succeeded in. She couldn't show them that she was fearing whatever would - or could - happen next.

'Take her place?' Eros growls, irritated. 'And what makes you think that you could do something like this?' Aletta shrugs. 'What makes you think I can't do something like this?' she bit back, glaring at him deadly. Something that had little effect on Eros, as he took on an attitude that would allow him to retaliate immediately.

Julius raises his hand, effectively silencing both Eros and Aletta, and everyone else that were whispering to one another about the scene that played out before them. 'You can object,' Julius speaks out, before turning to his loyal followed. 'Taking her place, however, is going to be a bit harder.'

Aletta nods in understanding, and breaks the eyecontact between her and the King. She already expected this argument from him, and had already talked it through with Amada before. Ofcourse, Amada had objected to this idea in the very beginning, unable to bear the thought of Aletta being stuck to the likes of Eros, but Aletta refused to hear it.

'The Sphera matched us,' Aletta started, turning to everyone that was here to witness the wedding. 'The Sphera made sure I ended up being the new Queen Luna - albeit forcibly - and that my sister, Amada, would be my left hand seeing as Beta Eros claimed her.

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