06| The Plan

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Written on February 8th, 2018

Chapter 6: The Plan

Aletta Castilo

The door closed after the King with a loud bang, once again leaving Aletta behind all by herself in the enormous bedroom. With her hands folded on her lap, she sat on the edge of the bed. Her thoughts kept returning to Amada, who was most likely left all alone to suffer the fate Beta Eros had in store for her.

For the first time in her life, Aletta felt completely miserable. She knew there was nothing she could do to help her sister out. The only thing she could do, was watch from the sidelines, feeling completely powerless. Watch, how Amada's life would be drained out of her. Of course, Aletta didn't have the proof to back up the accusations she had against Beta Eros, but she just felt that it was in fact what was going to happen to her sister.

A moan escaped her lips as she let herself fall back on the bed, her eyes averted to the ceiling above her. Her hands were roaming around the mattress, looking for a pillow that was laying somewhere around. Once she found one, after having to stretch for it, she grabbed it and pressed it against her face. Screams of anger and frustration are being muted into the pillow, but with the kind of hearing of the Wolves around her, it was safe to say that her screams did not go unnoticed.

It did not take long before a short knock was heard on the door, followed by a soft 'Miss?'. Once again, Aletta did not reply immediately, as she didn't feel like talking at all. 'Miss?' the voice repeats, along with a knock that sounded a bit harder than the last time.

'No,' Aletta calls back. 'Whatever it is that you came to do here: the answer is no.'

Much to Aletta's surprise, she hears footsteps after a couple of moments. From the sound of it, they were fading away from her door. A small smile forms on her face, but it drops almost immediately. As if she was stung by a bee, she jumps up from her bed and rushes to the door.

The door was pulled open with a bit too much force, and she quickly pops her head out, looking left and right. 'Hey!' Aletta calls when she spotted the maid. 'Wait!'

The maid, of whom Aletta had thought that it'd be Kifah, turned out to be someone else.

'Miss,' the older lady speaks, and looks at Aletta with quirked eyebrows. 'What can I do for you?'

Before Aletta answers, she glances at the older woman standing in front of her. The woman, who looks like she was at least thrice Aletta's age, looks tired – exhausted even. A lot of wrinkles adorned her face, along with what seemed to be like faded scars. Her eyes were dull, a detail that seemed more prominent due to the dark bags under her eyes.

Aletta grimaced, and she looked around cautiously, just to make sure that she wouldn't be surprised by the sudden arrival of an Alpha King. Although, she had to admit, it would be much less worse than coming across a certain Beta.

'I would like to see my sister, Amada,' Aletta spoke softly, and looks at the woman hopefully. She, in turn, looked at Aletta ignorantly, which made it plausible that the older woman did not know that Amada was being held captive in Beta Eros' room.

'I want to know if you could take me to the room of Beta Eros,' Aletta rephrases her question. The woman finally seemed to understand what Aletta was trying to say, and nodded lightly. 'Follow me,' she gestures, and starts walking. 'It's not too far from here, actually. It's just this flight of stairs, and then the second door on your left.'

Without even saying another word, Aletta silently follows the woman. Her heart was beating loudly, and felt some kind of adrenaline rush through her veins.

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