05| Don't Think So

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Written on February 6th + 7th, 2018

Chapter 5: Don't Think So

Aletta Castilo

The only thing Aletta can think right now, is 'no'. She grits her teeth together, occasionally chewing on the inside of her cheek. Her dark hair is hanging loosely, some of it covering her face, while she leaned on the sink. The only thing that covered her naked body right now, was a soft towel.

'Madame,' she hears from the other side of the door, followed by a soft knock. Aletta decides to ignore the maid and just continue to stare at her reflection. Though she rather wouldn't admit it, the shower she took earlier did her well, and she must say that she was glad that the Alpha King gave her the opportunity to do so.

'Madame, the Alpha King is requesting your presence in the dining room.'

'Fuck off,' Aletta calls back, annoyed by the fact that someone kept calling her 'Madame', effectively pulling her back in the reality she tried to escape from. 'I'm sorry, Madame, but you really have to-'

'Leave me alone, damn it,' Aletta sneers back. Even though she knows that the maid couldn't do anything about this, she didn't care for it that someone was treating her this way in a situation that didn't help her either. Aside from the fact that this someone was responsible, and actually deserving of this.

'I wish I could, but Madame, -' the maid tries once again, speaking in the same calm manner as the first time she spoke to Aletta. Aletta sighed loudly, annoyed by all of this.

'If the vain Alpha King is requesting my presence, the boludo can come here and tell me himself. I mean, the last time I checked, his legs seemed to be working just fine, so it shouldn't be a problem really.'

As soon as the words leave Aletta's mouth, she feels a tinge of guilt. She didn't want the man to come here, especially since she wasn't dressed at all. Aletta had heard stories about how male Wolves could be, especially when it came to their libido and a woman's nudity.

'I'm afraid the Alpha King isn't in the position to come here himself, Madame. He is with Beta Eros, that's why he-' As soon as Aletta hears the words 'Beta Eros', she jumps up. If the Beta was with the King, odds were that Amada would be there, too. And there were a few things Aletta would never do, especially to Amada; one of those things being leaving her sister all by herself with two men who were way too powerful.

Counting on the fact that only the maid would be in the bedroom, Aletta unlocks the bathroom door. She clutches the towel a bit tighter to her body, just to be sure.

'Hello,' Aletta greets the maid with a forced friendliness in her voice. Before she walks to the chair where the King had left some clothes for her to wear, she glances at the maid carefully.

Her brown hair was tied in a ponytail, and she noticed the maid had dimples in her cheeks when she gave Aletta a friendly smile. She looked like she was about Aletta's age, perhaps a bit younger.

'Do you need help getting dressed, Madame?'

The question was answered with sarcastic laughter, which soon filled the room, and Aletta shook her head incredulously. 'I may be a mere Human,' she starts, 'but I'm still perfectly capable of getting dressed myself. Or do I look like some fool to you?'

The maid's eyes immediately grow wide, and she frantically shakes her head no. 'My apologies, it was not the way I intended it to be,' she stutters, utterly shocked as she folds her hands together.

Aletta only rolls with her eyes, 'It's fine,' she said, as she waves it off. 'I should pay more attention to the things I say, anyway.' Scared to say anything at all, the maid remains silent. Her eyes are cast to the ground and her arms are behind her back.

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