04| Goodbye, Old Life

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Written on September 11th, 2017

Chapter 4: Goodbye, Old Life

Aletta Castilo

The two sisters sat next to each other, almost crammed together, at the back of the large - and not to mention well protected - black car. Looks of misery and despair were exchanged, both eerily silent due to the shock that their lives had changed for the worst, compared to how it was only three hours ago.

Every few seconds, Aletta opens her mouth to speak up, to encourage Amada, but she ends up closing her mouth every time. She didn't have the guts to break the silence in the car, especially since she didn't know where the King and his Beta were in the car.

'Stop trying to gasp for air like a fish,' a low voice sneers. Aletta looks around, taken off guard, wanting to find the source of the voice. 'Marc,' another voice sighs, one that Aletta can't seem to place either and who also seemed to be out of the twins' sight. A low growl from Marc follows.

It was only because of Amada squeezing Aletta's hand, that Aletta bites back her 'If I want to gasp for air like a fish, then I will do just that'- remark, and just rolls her eyes. Amada shakes her head disapprovingly, disappointed in the fact that Aletta wasn't able to keep her own behavior in check when around a couple of men who were able to end their lives in mere seconds.

'We're almost there. Do whatever is told to do; otherwise you'll have to face the consequences of your own actions.'

Amada swallows audibly as Aletta looks around cockily, hoping to find the two men - of whom she assumed, were Guards - so she could make it pretty clear what she thought of this entire ordeal. Fortunately for Aletta, the car stops abruptly, and the doors were opened shortly afterwards.

Bright light shines into the dark car, making both Aletta and Amada squint so they'd still be able to see at least something. 'Get out,' the Guards growl - and somehow, Aletta was able to place the distinction between these Guards and Marc and his companion.

Like meek little lambs, the girls obey the order and get out of the car. Unfortunately, this meant that they were going to be separated from now on. Something the Guards must've been planning from the start. Almost immediately, the girls were grabbed by the Guards, and dragged towards the castle.

There was a stone set of stairs, which lead to the heavy doors of the castle itself. A few heavily armed men stood outside. The looks on their faces were neutral, although it looked a little bit as if they were about to look rather sullen. The castle itself was rather sober, causing Aletta to shiver a bit due to the atmosphere that hung over them.

'Walk,' a Guard growls when Aletta stands still for a split second longer; because of her trying to drink in her surroundings. 'Calm down, boludo,' Aletta mumbled back, her Spanish accent present.

Amada caught that bit, and a soft chuckle escapes her lips as soon as the doors open, and they are 'welcomed' by the King and his Beta in a huge ballroom. An angry growl resonates throughout the room, and before Amada could even comprehend what was going on, she's being pushed hard from the back. With a lot of noise, followed by some painful - and shocked - cries from Amada.

'That'll teach you, you dirty Human,' the Guard that had pushed Amada to the ground, sneered.

'What the fuck, man!' Aletta roars, as she ripped herself away from the iron grip the Guards had on her. Or at least, she attempted to do so. They still held her in place from both sides, causing her irritations and frustrations to grow stronger. Countless curse words escape her lips, most it being in Spanish.

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