03| Alpha, Beta

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Written on April 30th, 2017

Chapter 3: Alpha, Beta

Aletta Castilo

'Amada Castilo.'

Aletta looks aside, stunned by the course of events, right into Amada's eyes. Eyes that were as wide as saucers, and only portrayed fear. Her bottom lip was trembling slightly, and somehow Amada manages to stand up. Only to slowly shuffle a bit towards Aletta.

Aletta sees the chance to quickly grasp Amada's hand to - hopefully - support her while she was waiting for the first bid.

'One hundred,' the first sign shot up, the name of a Delta written on it. As soon as Aletta saw that the sign belonged to Delta Freddy, she started hoping that someone would outbid him, not wanting her sister to end up with a disgusting man that didn't even bother to get rid of the chunks of food stuck in his beard for the rest of her life.

'One hundred and fifty,' another man bids, assumingly a regular member of some pack. Delta Freddy sighed, annoyed, as he lifted up his sign again. 'Two hundred.'

As soon as the words leave his mouth, Amada tightens her grip on Aletta's hand. Aletta gently rubs her hand in return.

'Two hundred and fifteen.'

Signs kept popping up and the price that the men are willing to pay for Amada, keeps rising as well. Somehow it did Aletta good, her sister was someone who was worth a lot after all - and seven hundred bucks was far too little.

But on the other hand, it frightened Aletta. Most Wolves with a lot of money weren't exactly known for their loving and caring personality.

'Going once, going twice,' the commissioner says, wanting to wrap this up. Aletta gasps for air and Amada seemed to forget that very moment how her lungs were supposed to function.

'Sold, to-' the commissioner starts, but gets interrupted as the entrance door opens, banging loudly against a wall, barely able to stay hinged. The moment the man walks into the room, the atmosphere shifted completely, filling it with a rather intimidating air that indicated that this man was not to be trifled with. All Wolves that were present, bowed their heads out of respect.

An aura that resonated power, a kind of power that Aletta had never sensed before, clings to the rather attractive man. His eyes scan the crowded room, and eventually fall on Amada.

Something that Aletta was fearing for.

Seeing Amada's weakened state, he started grinning wickedly. His attitude gains more confidence with every step he takes - as if he was feeding on the fear Amada emitted.

'Eight hundred thousand,' the man finally breaks the silence. He was standing right in front of Amada now, who subconsciously had taken a few tiny steps back, standing a bit closer to Aletta now. The way he speaks gave Aletta goosebumps, and a nauseating feeling formed in the pit of her stomach. She shortly closes her eyes, trying to get a hold of her emotions.

'Eight hundred thousand,' the commissioner repeats, his voice slightly trembling. No one bothered to put up another sign, which made Aletta gulp with fear. She would never get the chance to relief Amada of the presence of this horrible man.

'Going once, going twice. . .'

The silence remained. The only thing audible was the heavy breathing of a few Wolves. The man standing in front of Aletta and Amada, glances from Amada to the commissioner impatiently, waiting for the bidding to be wrapped up so he could claim Amada as his.

'Sold, to Beta Eros Bazoukas!'

The name of the man - Beta Eros - haven't left the lips of the commissioner entirely, before Aletta jumps up, shocked. She looked at her sister with big eyes, not wanting to believe this. 'No, this cannot be happening,' Aletta thought to herself as she feels a new rush of adrenaline pump through her body.

Since Aletta is so busy with calming her sister, who had almost wrapped herself around her sister like some kind of boa constrictor, disabling Beta Eros from taking her along, none of the twins had noticed that someone else had entered the room.

A man - Wolf - emitting even more power than anyone ever will. His jet-black hair frames his suntanned face while his icy blues scan the room, exactly like Beta Eros did before. The Wolves that were speaking to one another in hushed tones, fell silent completely when they spotted the man.

Where all the Wolves had taken a bow when they saw the Beta of all Betas, the bowed even deeper this time. Soft whimpers leave their mouths, mostly out of fear for the man.

Aletta only noticed him when he stood next to Beta Eros, placing his hand on Eros's shoulder as if he was trying to calm the Wolf down seeing as he still didn't claim his new possession.

'Bernardus,' the man pipes up, his eyes on the Sphera commissioner. 'My Beta would like to claim his new possession.' The way the man seems to be choosing his words carefully, make Aletta bite her lower lip anxiously.

Even though Aletta was just a normal Human, she was still living in a world that was ruled by the Royal Werewolf family. She knew just about everything about the culture within the Werewolf society, and the way it was ruled. Now, let it just be known that the man standing next to Beta Eros is in fact the Alpha King, the man that ruled the world with an iron fist.

Aletta knew all of the horrid stories about the Alpha King and his army. The misery they spread. The years that they had spent without ever finding a Mate, was also known by everyone.

It surprised Aletta that she was standing in front of the Beta - who had just purchased her sister as if she was some toy from the toy store - and the King.

What were they even doing here, if they still had their chance to find a Mate, that was roaming around somewhere?

The chance that Beta Eros would find his one true mate was a bit larger than the rest of the Wolf population. The percentage of the King finding his was even higher than his Beta, seeing as the King was supposed to be responsible to keep everything perfectly balanced in order to keep reigning.

'Of course,' the Sphera commissioner - of whom Aletta now knew that his name was Bernardus - stuttered to the King. Bernardus turns to look at Amada punitively, the look being more than enough to scare Amada into letting go of Aletta's hand.

Beta Eros takes that as his cue to step up to the stage, almost immediately placing his hands on Amada's hips. It immediately occurred to Aletta that Amada bit her lower lip anxiously, a flash of pain visible in her eyes due to the iron grip Beta Eros had on her.

'Aletta,' Amada softly whispers, hoping that her sister would gain some kind of superpower that would enable her to save Amada from whatever it was that Beta Eros had in store for her. Pained, Aletta looks at Amada, wishing this whole Sphera ordeal had never existed in the first place.

'Right, then on to the last one of Shipment F,' Bernardus continues. The agitation that had started to form in the room, slowly fades away. 'Aletta Castillo.

With her heart beating heavily, sweating and a sickening feeling in her stomach, Aletta stands up. She straightens her back and lifts her chin up a bit, hoping to look a bit more confident than she actually felt, trying to get a hold on the situation she was in right now.

She expected to end up with a regular pack member, unlike Amada, but what truly shocked her was the voice of the Alpha King breaking the silence.

'One million.'

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