1. We!

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Jungkook's POV


I heard her sweet voice call me from a far. Of course, I knew it was her! It's only her that can call me by that name.

I looked behind me, in the direction from where I heard her. "What?!" I asked folding my arms.

"I missed youuu!!" Lisa shouted out loud, making everyone in the university garden look at her, as she ran jumping onto my back. 

Gosh... this idiot... *smiles*

"Yahhhhh!" I yelled at her, while she was still hanging on my back.

"Yaaaah?!" She got down and walked to face me. "I'm older you idiot!" She said putting her hands on her waist.

"We're both 97' liners" I answered back as I put my hands on my waist too. "So same age!" I said before knocking her head.

"Ouuuuuu!" She rubbed the spot I hit her on. "You.... are dead today!" She said as she prepared to run after me.

"Booo!" I made a face before running around in full-speed, while she tried to catch me. I swerved and turned as she missed up on catching me.

"Okay... okay... wait" She said bending as she held her knees to catch her breath. She's really breathing heavily...

"Yah? Are you okay?" I said moving closer to her, and held her shoulder.

"Yah!!!" She suddenly stood up and pushed me to the ground. "Gotcha!" She said sitting on my stomach and hitting my chest.

"You cheat!" I said as I tried to hold her hands to stop her.

"Tit-for-Tat!" She laughed as she struggled to continue beating me up.

"Okay, fine!" I put my hands up and surrendered.

"Hmm..." She mumbled as she stood up. I followed after her and got up as well. "Now, say sorry! And hold your ears!" She said crossing her arms. 

Why is she such a bully?

"Alright..." I sighed. "Sorry Lisa-yahhh!" I yapped loud enough for her to hear as I held my ears. 

This brought a smile onto her face. 

The smile I could stare at for hours. 

"Apology accepted!" She said as she spread her arms to give me a hug, which I replied to by hugging her back. I could do this forever too... 

"Gosh! The two of you literally met a day ago..." Jennie said as Yoongi walked next to her, making the two of us turn to them.

"No no no!" Lisa quickly interrupted. "We didn't SEE each other for a whole day!' She said putting her finger forward to get her point cleared.

"Okay okay!" Jennie beamed back.

"Oh! Yoongi hyung!" I said approaching him. 

"Oh Jungkook-ah! How was your trip to Busan?" He asked casually.

"It was great, hyung." I smiled.

"Oh yeah! How's abonim doing now?" Lisa asked with a serious expression. "Is he feeling better?" 

Lisa's mom and dad and mine are really close, so she calls my parents 'abonim and eomonim', and so do I.

"Don't worry! He's doing well..." I said pocketing my hoodie. "He asked me to tell you to not worry..." I smiled at her stiff expression.

"How can I not? He's not taking care of himself!" She yapped looking somber.

"He's okay! Really!" I said taking my hand out to pet her head.

"Really?" She frowned looking sorry.

"Really!" I smirked at her cute face.

"Anyways..." Jennie disrupted. "It's almost time for class..." 

"Oh yeah... see you guys after class." Yoongi said as he put his arm around Jennie and walked away with her.

"We need to get to class too!" I turned to pick my backpack that was on the floor, and patted it to rub the dust away.

"Hihi... sorry for making it dirty." Lisa grinned at me.

"It's okay! Kaja..." I smiled back as we left.

In class

"Chaenggg!!" I saw Lisa yelling at Chaeyoung and Jimin hyung who were busy with their PDA. "I seeee you!" She beamed evilly. 

I wish I could be like them... express how much I love her... 

"Stop it Lisa!" Chaeyoung said coyly as she hid in Jimin hyung's arms.

"What! Let everyone see!" Jimin hyung said hugging her tight. "Let them see you're mine!" 

"Wooah! JiRose is sailing!" Lisa cheered with her arms raised above her head.

"Oh! Jungkook oppa! You're back!" I heard Subin calling me. 

Oh god! 

Not again. 

I just nodded back to her, and glanced quickly at Lisa who as always looks annoyed.

"C'mon Kookie! The lecturer's coming!" Lisa said pushing me forward to our seat. 

She always saves me... phew!

"Jungkook-ie annyeong! Lisa-yah annyeong! Jimin-ie annyeong! Chaeyoung-ah annyeong!" Tae hyung said as he moved to his seat next to us.

"Annyeong!!" We all answered at the same time, making us laugh together.

In the cafeteria after class

3rd Person POV

Everyone was gathered at their tables... snickering and bickering.

"Slowly... don't walk fast!" Jin said as he nagged Jisoo for walking 'too' fast.

"Oh Gooood! It's only month 2!" Jisoo snapped back at him.

"Oh eonnie!!!" Lisa called cheekily.

"Oh Lisa! NyeongAn!" Jisoo said looking delighted.

"Oh my god! Why are you guys so cute?!" Chaeyoung said admiring the couple.

"Why? You want a baby?" Jimin joked earning a smack on the shoulder by her.

"Chimiee!" She squealed, which made everyone laugh at the two love-birds.

"Drink this." Yoongi said casually as he opened a can of coke for Jennie.

"Ohhh! I see hyung...." Hoseok spotted his quiet action, to which Yoongi didn't react. 

"That's how he is... quiet and all..." Jennie added miffingly as she sipped on the drink passed to her.

"As expected... the Cold Sweet Couple!" Namjoon commented.

"Oh... by the way!" Hoseok suddenly hollered. "You girls are coming tonight right?! For the BBQ party!" The ball of sunshine said shining and thinking about the BBQ.

"Of course we're coming!!" Chaeyoung answered his question.

"Yepp... surely don't want to miss out on BBQ and lots of fun!!" Lisa finished off as she cheered.

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I feel so happy now...

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