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everybody scattered through the halls, either going to their classrooms or preparing their appearances in their uniforms for kim seungmin to see. they were scared, scared of the student council vice president.

as soon as the hall was clear, meaning everyone already scuttered to their classroom, seungmin entered the building. there he sees ONE guy, unbuttoned shirt, messy hair, open backpack, no i.d. hwang hyunjin.

"what's your name?" seungmin calmfully asks hyunjin as he reaches his pocket notebook and pen in his zipper.

"why? you like me dude? fuck off."

"hey, i don't care who you are but i don't tolerate this level of disrespect at all." seungmin looks up at him, shaking his head.

"hyunjin" the boy speaks.

"ok, got it. be sure i'll never see you again with this appearance." seungmin buttons hyunjin's shirt and fixes his hair lightly while smiling. oh that smile. the smile that never failed to flatter him.

"now go to the office and get a slip for not bringing your i.d." seungmin tugs hyunjin's polo and left. hyunjin was dumbfounded.


smirks hi im currently rewriting this!!

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