Chapter-17 "Lost Hope"

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Sometimes life likes to laugh at you

I guess things get boring every once in a while so life goes "hey, why don't we fuck around with her a bit?  Don't you think that'll be funny?

At least that's what was I thinking right now my whole life was disrupted and there was absolutely no hope

I was depressed as hell and I was so unaware of what's gonna happen to me?  Ain't that frightening?  Well I think so

Ever since I've been born trouble always seemed to chase me ready to insert itself in my life at any given chance
Not once in my life I have been truly happy everytime my happiness is sabotaged.

Where ever I go I bring bad luck along with me. I think there is some type of curse on me that leads to destruction.

My head was hurting and my eyes were swelled. I had been crying for I don't know how long now and I think that there is nothing that can save me from this misery other than death

I made up my mind. I was on the verge of committing suicide when I realized that I was a vampire and I was immortal and only holy water can kill me.

I was frustrated as hell and didn't knew what to do. It felt like my head was about to burst. Just then the door opened and someone walked in
And it was just the person whom I wanted to see right now

It was Jaques he was looking really gloomy but he managed to maintained a  charming smile on his face. As soon as I saw him I ran up to him and Hugged him tightly. There was so much to ask him so many questions were going on in my mind but at that moment I couldn't say anything. The warmth of his hug was enough to comfort me and finally  my heart felt at ease


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