☆ Prelude

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"Ever heard of a fanfiction, Harry?"

You whispered as he leaned in to rest your foreheads' against each other's, his mellow breath fanning all over your features. The answer to your query was quite uncertain for you.

Harry blinked, slightly taken aback by your question but nevertheless decided to reply after a brief contemplation. A look of mischief crossed his eyes.

"Oh well," He started, "Remind me later to ask you about Tessa, I think, from a book which I couldn't remember the name of. And I don't know - 1Dimaginator or something? The writer of the book, maybe." Woah, he knows a lot about this.

He paused for a moment while your heartbeats accelerated as the edges of his lips curved up into his signature smirk, all of a sudden.

"What's wattpad, June?"

You almost choked on your spit but immediately winded it up by an impulsive chuckle, desperately trying to hide your amazement and surprise - clearly impressed by his selfstalking skills - as you smoothly procured to avoid his referral towards wattpad.

"So I suppose you already know what's a fanfiction, then." You played calm.

"Oh, I have my ways. Fans think I don't know about it but reality ruins our life." He mumbled with a hint of playfulness as he inched closer, your lips almost a centimeter away from touching his. "Hmm, but why do you ask?"

You couldn't help but copy his smirk. "Good for you. Because we're gonna be mentioned in one of those books."

You managed to utter, before diving right into kissing the living day lights out of him, never giving him a chance to ponder and opine.

. . .

A capricious rollercoaster of feelings - just for you and Harry, minced with a flavour of each emotion and sentiment you desire to experience. Harry styles One Shots.

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