Chapter:14 ~ Love you (Part I)

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Note: Thank God! You didn't jump directly to the POV and hopefully you are reading this note. Umm...very seriously I want to confess that I have tried to write this chapter very briefly (*I think so*).  The below content is Mature and belongs to MATURE readers only and also for those who don't care that they are below 17. 😅😅😅. You know what I mean.

This chapter is going to be long. Sorry for that in advance.


Ariana's POV:


He pulled down my bra-strip from my shoulder while continuing his kisses over my bare neck. I am just covered with this towel which seems to be slipping down from my body. I have my bottoms inside but with this speed, they too are gonna loose enough to slip down from me.

His coat is lying on the floor behind him which he removed a few seconds before and flung it in air behind him. His one hand is cupping my face innocently while the other is making me bare by doing some highly mischievous stuff down there, on my thighs. 

A moan of his name escaped my mouth when he left a bite just above my clavicle bone.

His one hand moved behind my back where my towel is hinged to its own end saving my embarrassment of being naked in front of my husband. He pulled out the knot and brought the towel to the floor making my whole soul crumple as a piece of paper.

My body could have crumpled if he would have let me get that chance. I still have my eyes closed by his sensations which are not leaving my body, not even for a mere second.

I opened my eyes very slowly, when I felt his actions getting stopped. My eyes meet his gaze which are piercing through my body with their intense and seducing ways. 

He pulled apart from me. Maybe he is no more drunk and has come back to his senses. But to my thoughts, he did something different.

I closed my eyes being afraid, when he scooped me in his arms. I opened my eyes to see him taking me to the bed.

I am feeling so shy that my lungs may stop intaking oxygen anytime from this second onwards, but I am alive because he is giving me CPR simultaneously.

He laid me down on the bed very gently. He loosened his tie while still looking at me with his sexy gaze.

My one bra strip is on its place while the other is off-shoulder. My underpants are already wet from his arousal on my body. 

He unbuttoned his shirt and throw it to the floor beside the bed. His abs are moving back and forth with his panting breath. He must be able to see my stomach doing the same. 

He placed his lips on mine and I could feel his hunger growing over mine. He is making me more arouse this time.

His skin is drifting against mine. His body is radiating heat like mine. While his left hand is still in my hairs his right hand grazed over my bodyline cupping my breasts and then to my bottoms.

His hands entered my bottoms making my back arch and I moaned much louder within our kiss. His fingers played with my clit making me moan louder this time.

'Xav...ier', I could barely speak his name in between his actions.

'You are wet.', He whispered in my ears when he reached to kiss my neck.

' ple..ase...don't...', I tried but he shut me up by entering his finger inside me. A light pain of satisfaction reached my mouth in terms of a loud moan. He removed his hand and looked into my eyes making me gulp in embarrassment. 

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