6. Rings

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❝ rings ❞

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❝ rings

THE two women who were waiting outside had no idea what happened. Jungkook just disappeared in a few seconds, without saying a word, even to his mother. He ran in the search of the clothing store in the mall where his important work was.

The girl just walked out of the changing room and he ran to her. "You are here already? How do I look?" Miran asked, looking at him in the mirror.

"You came alone?" Jungkook looked around if he could see any familiar person who must have came with her. "Unnie just went back. How do I look?" she asked again and waited for his answer.

Jungkook scanned his girl and slightly shook his head. "You look good but-" He looked around and his eyes caught a beautiful dress. "This," he handed it to her. Miran looked at it and handed back to him.

"I'll buy this one," she said and was about to walk back to the changing room when Jungkook stopped him. "I'll buy it for you," he said since he realized the reason she rejected this dress.

Miran still rejected him but she knew how stubborn the latter was, so she eventually agreed and ended up buying both plus one more. They walked out of the store and were about to exit the mall when Jungkook suddenly pulled her behind the wall.

"What happ-"


They watched the three females walked out of the mall and finally walked out from behind the wall. "Let's go," Jungkook said and pulled her out of the mall.

Both of them got into his car and Jungkook drove it away. "Is Noona home?" he asked. Miran shook his head only to make a cheeky smile appear on his face. "Let's go to your place," he said excitedly.

A few minutes later, they reached her place. The destination of Jungkook was her room, but Miran shooed him out of the room and now he was sitting on the couch with a small teddy bear in his lap.

Soon enough, Miran walked out of her room and went to the kitchen while Jungkook followed her there. "Coffee?" she asked and he nodded. He sat there on the chair, staring at her from behind when he remembered something.

Nervously, he called her name, "Miran." She hummed in response without turning around. He nervously walked to her and wrapped his hands around her waist. "Yesterday I went to buy a wedding ring for her," he started.

Miran paused for a while and eventually went back to her work as if it was normal for her. "After my mom left, I went back and bought one for you," he continued.

Leaving her waist, he took out of the ring and showed her. "Are you indirectly proposing me?" Miran finally turned around. "Yes- No-" He smiled nervously.

"This- This is beautiful." A huge smile appeared on her face which didn't last long. "No doubt that I will wait for you but what if you fall for her instead?" she asked, scanning his expression.

"That will never happen," he said confidently.

Miran handed him the cup and walked away. He left the coffee there and followed her instead only to find himself in her room.

"Trust me."

"I do."

"I love you," Jungkook said and removed her glasses only to her watery eyes. "What if I fall for someone else then?" she asked.

"YOU CAN'T!" Jungkook suddenly shouted. Those words were enough for him to bring him in tears. "Please don't," he cried.

Miran pulled him into a hug and tried to calm him. "I'm sorry. I was just joking. I love you too," and he calmed a bit. She eventually broke the hug.

A slight pout made him look cuter than he already was, which she kissed away, making a slight smile appear on his face.

"You will get punished for this."

Back to the changing room, Jihae walked out of the changing room only to get questioned. "Where did Jungkook leave in hurry?" Mrs. Yoon asked. She sighed.

At least they should've complimented her even if it's fake.

"How do I look mom?" Jihae asked. "You look good," Mrs. Yoon said, scanning her from head to toe.

"Jungkook just texted me saying he went for some urgent work," Mrs. Jeon said while looking at her phone.

Again, I went in, changed myself into another dress and walked out only to show to them. And this went for several times until Mrs. Jeon was satisfied. "We'll buy this one and those three." Mrs. Jeon pointed at the other three clothes.

Wait, why so many dresses? How many brides are there?

"You can wear whichever you like. Mind changing your dress now? I'm getting late," Mrs. Jeon said, pointing at the dress.

Like mother, like son.

She walked back to the changing room and finally changed into her clothes after struggling for so long to unzip the dress.

Mrs. Jeon went back earlier saying she was in a hurry and the other two called their driver and got back home. Jihae walked to her room and threw herself on my bed. She was suddenly missing her work because for her, work is better this drama.

How badly she wanted to tell her father everything but she couldn't. They needed help from Jeons and she wanted to help her father in every possible way to lifting their business from loss.

Also, she was on a leave from work since her father wanted his daughter to spend her time for the wedding preparation.

Someone knocked on the door and she sighed. Surely, it was her stepmother. Mrs. Yoon opened the door and popped her head inside the door before she opened it.

"I just got a call from Mrs. Jeon," Mrs. Yoon said. "So?" Jihae asked, not interested in her nonsense talks.

"Your wedding is in three days."


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