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Movie nights were the best you loved them. You and your brother Charlie always go over to Leo's to have a movie night as you always do, you both arrived to Leo's house you knocked on the door and was greeted by Leo.

"Hey come in" Leo said to you and Charlie you both walk in and head up stairs to Leo's room you and Charlie sit in his bed and leo comes in with food and drinks, for all of you to share. Leo put on a horror movie, half way through the movie you started to have a panic attack you normally get them you were shaking and couldn't breath, Charlie looked at you and he really didn't know what to do, leo didn't know what was doing on until Charlie shouted at him tell him what was going on. Charlie got off the bed and went to get some water, leo turned the movie off you could tell that he was scared. He put his hand over your shoulders.

" Hey crystal it will be ok just try to breath slowly everything is gonna be ok" Leo said scared. Leo was doing the breath in and out with you, you copied him and you started to feel a little better Charlie the dink ready, leo took it out of charlies hand and give it to you.

It's been about three weeks since leo helped you through the panic attack and you couldn't thank him enough recently you both been getting on close, one day you and leo was hanging out and you could tell something was bothering him.

" Leo are you ok you seem off" you say looking at leo. Leo looks at you and back at the floor.

"Crystal I like and I was wondering if me and you could go on a date" Leo says to you, you look at him and smile.

"Yes I would love to go on a date with you leo" you say back to leo he had a big smile on his face.

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