11: I wish you would.

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Brody Stone's Pov

Ella Pearson.

This girl was fucking with my mind. Her Constant denial to be my mysterious girl had me second guessing about the whole damn thing.

I was certain, she was the one.

That same chocolate brown eyes, similar silky brown locks and I don't know about her but I felt that same connection with her, when I talked with her outside of the classroom after detention, that I felt at that night.

I had a gut feeling she was the one but her denying it wasn't helping me.

Then came Alexis Kinston.

The girl I had been running away from ever since I saw her at the party my father threw.

And now, she claiming to be my mysterious girl just didn't connect.

There were many reasons like, first, she was a blonde. My mysterious girl was a brunette.

Her voice was squeaky, my mysterious girl's voice was angelic.

Alexis would have been all over me that night regarding how she had been trying to put her claws on me but she didn't that night which was highly suspicious.

And the most important reason, I don't want her to be my mysterious girl. I want Ella Pearson to be the one.

I knew she'd be the one.

But I don't know why she was holding back from admitting it and instead watched Alexis claim herself to be my mysterious girl.

I denied Alexis when she proudly announced the Lockett belonged to her. When I looked away from her annoying face, Ella and her friend had walked away.

JJ was hands down urging me towards accepting Alexis as the girl I was searching for but she was not.

I was apprehensive of Alexis' motive and stalled her as long as I could.

But I had to eventually give in when she kept requesting me to meet her in a café during the weekends.

I asked her multiple questions to catch her red handed and make her slip up but she didn't.

"The girl I danced with had brown locks and brown eyes." I had bluntly put the facts before her, pointing at her obvious blonde locks and deep blue eyes as waited for her to admit she had lied but nothing of that sort happened.

"Yeah, I dyed my hair for that night and wore contacts." She said smoothly. She sounded genuine as she took her phone out of her bag showing me a picture of her in that same dress my mysterious girl wore that night, yet her hair brunette and without a mask.

For a second I lost my confidence.

But my will to not accept her surpasses her claims as I asked her again. "What's inside the lockett?" I knew for a fact, she'd never be able to answer me.

Ella Pearson, my mysterious girl, even though she denies it, and Alexis don't mingle with same people nor do they hang out within a same circle so there was no way in hell Alexis would be able to answer me.

Alexis' smile turned bright and I held myself for her answer. "My dad's picture and five years old me." She answered confidently.

My confidence crumbled down at her answer. I, at the least assumed the man in the picture inside the heart of the lockett to be her dad and the small girl at the other side to be Ella.

So Alexis was my mysterious girl all these time.

I didn't want to accept it because this couldn't be possible.

How on earth was she able to know what was inside the heart of the lockett?

What was her plan?

What did she do to Ella to know about the lockett?

What does she have against Ella?

All sorts of unasked questions swirled inside my head.

"You should just accept this Brody, I am the girl you're searching for." Alexis said softly. Her eyes held sadness in them at my reluctance to accept what she said.

Was I overthinking all these? Was she really my mysterious girl and not Ella?

When I still didn't respond to her, she let out a defeated sigh.

"It's okay, Brody. I understand. Don't bother about me." Alexis gave me a sad smile before she grabbed her bag and made a move to stand up.

I closed my eyes tightly as I hated myself for what I was going to do next.

"Wait." I opened my eyes and stared at her hopeful face. "I believe you." I whispered watching a beautiful smile cover her face.

She was beautiful, no doubt yet the constant nagging inside my head didn't let me think about any other girl but Ella.

And that was how I ended up with Alexis.

We weren't exactly in a relationship, I just agreed to go on a couple of dates with her and see how for this thing between us goes.

I wanted her to admit by herself that she was not my mysterious girl and for that I had to be close with her to know what she have or did to Ella to know about the lockett.

Once I get my hands on the truth, I will make sure she face the consequences of lying to me.

But I started doubting my agreement with her and was furious when I learnt she had told everyone in our school that we were a couple.

I was about to tell Alexis to fuck off but held myself back when I saw her, Ella Pearson.

The girl who still invades my dream. Appearing in that same dress, mask, and everything related to that night as she slowly unveils her mask and I see Ella's face not Alexis. Then we kiss, like we did that night. Her soft lips moving against mine and me tasting her lips again, yet it always turns out to be a dream.

I wanted to see her reaction to the news. I hoped she'd go mad or even be jealous giving me a hint she was my mysterious girl and not Alexis, especially when she saw Alexis and I kissing but nope, nothing. I got no reaction out of her.

And it was driving me crazy.

I had to know the reason behind her adamant behaviour to accept what was true. I had to find out what was holding her back from admitting it.

I have to because I want Ella Pearson and no one else.


I hope Brody's Pov was satisfying and showed an insight of what he's planning to do.

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