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I brushed a finger over Olivia's cheek, gentle with her fragile skin.

"I can't believe she's here." I spoke softly and felt my lips turn up into a small smile.

"She's so tiny." Logan whispered, his eyes tinkling with complete astonishment.

"Right? Just look at her little nose."

"And those tiny fingers."

Olivia stirred in her sleep and sleepily parted her lips into a little o. "Look—" I said as my heart melted, "—she's yawning!"

Logan was quiet for a few moments as he smiled down at the baby in my arms. "She's beautiful."

I glanced up at him and smiled, feeling my eyes suddenly start to prickle.

"Are you going to do this every time we come visit?"

We both turned to look at Faith, who had just ruined the moment and was raising her eyebrows and pressing her lips together in amusement.

"You're going to scar our poor baby." Tyler spoke beside her and looked at Logan and I with a smirk.

Frowning, and ignoring the hormones that were making me sentimental, I looked back down at Olivia. "Are you kidding?" I asked. "She loves us! Did you see how she fell right asleep in my arms?"

Baby Olivia Raves was born two months ago, a healthy eight pound baby with soft red hair like her dad and the biggest emerald green eyes like her mama, almost exactly nine months after Faith and Tyler got married.

You could say they had a little too much fun on their honeymoon.

It was just now that they were getting married and having kids, since they were broken up for nine years. After high school, they went off to different colleges, farther away than they originally thought. Having a long distance relationship was something they found too difficult to do and ultimately ended up wanting different things. It wasn't until they reconciled nine years later with steady jobs and a place in their hearts that was always meant for each other, fell in love all over again and married.

          "You're right," Faith chuckled, "you always put Olivia to sleep. Do you want to come over and babysit her one of these nights?"

         "Hey, I'm perfectly capable of that," Tyler pointed at himself with his thumb pridefully as he told Faith. He turned to me and waved his hand in dismissal. "And don't get too excited, Lauren. She's just a lazy baby during the day."

          "That's one thing she sure got from you, didn't she?" Faith asked, smiling up at Tyler innocently.

          He looked down and smirked at her. "You didn't think I was lazy last night—"

My eyes widened. Not because of Tyler's comment, but because suddenly my bladder was about to explode.

"Oh, God," I panicked. "Oh, God, I have to pee! Someone take Olivia!"

Logan quickly stood up and gently took her while I spread my legs in my seat and tried to push myself up, frowning in concentration. When I couldn't, Faith and Tyler quickly came to my side and helped me up as I steadily pushed myself off the loveseat. Blowing out a breath of air, I finally stood on my feet, and my pregnant belly came into view. After mumbling a quick thanks to my newly married and parented friends, I wobbled off to the restroom.

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