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Hey! It's me again! Taechimry!

Okay, so I am excited to write a sequel to 'Break It' because it is so far one of my best works. But, if you have not read it yet, it's perfectly fine because this book will only have some elements from the first one.

Few things you shall keep in mind:

• This is a Jimin reader insert..... Yes, I won't stray away from that fact... Okay, maybe a little bit...

• As I said, a few elements are from the previous book, so I will try my best to describe them! During the parts where I refer to some incidents which occur in the previous book, I will mention the chapter number so that you can go back and refer to it!

• You were an artist and Jimin is the owner/CEO of an art company called 'Art in Seoul'.

• You have been married to Jimin for 2 years.

• Kinda angsty.... YASS!

• If you feel that this story is not fitting in with the original or my style of writing got worse, you are free to leave! 😄

•I might write a something inappropriate (lenny face) in the middle... Due to popular demand... But warning, I will try to keep it child friendly since many people on Wattpad are little kiddos!

•Last but not the least, enjoy this twist!

Yeah, so hey, this is edit Taechimry here! I have decided to give a brief summary of the characters in this book to the new people, or just in general!


1. You
•You are Y/N
•You are an artist.
•You studied at the Royal Academy of Arts in England.
•Your dad is an army officer.
•You are the joint owner of the company Art in Seoul with Jimin.

2. Park Jimin
•Park Jimin is your husband.
•He is the CEO/ owner of the company Art in Seoul.
•He has an art gallery.
•He has monophobia.
•His parents orphaned him at the age of 4 but an old lady took him in.

3. Taehyung
•He was Jimin's best friend since highschool.
•He met you in England and you two fell in love and engaged.
•But you saw him with another girl, so you broke up with him because you thought he was cheating on you.
•But, later you met him again.... Blah blah blah....... He helped you get with Jimin, and he is the reason why you married Jimin.
•He is the Cheif of Marketing and Communications in Gucci.

4. SeokJin
•Jimin's brother-ish.
•Basically, the old lady who took Jimin in had a son who dropped his son Jin with the lady because they couldn't raise him.
•Jimin's only "family".
•Is a famous actor.

5. Hoseok
•Jimin's assistant.
•Thats....... Pretty much it.

6. Yoongi
Taehyung's brother.
•.......... Ok, thats all.

I hope that helped! Other characters will be explained later according to their queue!

*Acts professional again*

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