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I took a deep breath and walked into my dad's room, the room was plain just like every other room, the only things in the room were an uncomfortable looking chair in the fare cover and the bed that my dad was laying on, he was paler than usual and had bags under his eyes like he hadn't been sleeping, his right arm was out to his side wrist up, normally there would be his dark mark there but instead there was a bunch of bruises.

I look back at his arm wondering if my eyes were deceiving me or not but sure enough dad's dark mark was missing from his arm, "Where is it?" I ask pointing at his arm.

"Oh that, yah terns out all the pane that I was going thou was just the mark removing its self, it's almost got now," he said with a smile that looked like it was trying to hide the pain.

I stood in bewilderment for a second, my dad had always been ashamed of his mark, he had seen it as a reminder of all the people he had hurt during a dark time In his life, and yet here was without it, "How are you doing?"

"I feel like absolute shit...sorry."

"It's ok, but you are feeling better at least, right?"

"Scorpius, I don't know, it still hurts and I will be heard for at least a week." He said comforting my fear.

"So you'll miss Christmas?" I asked trying my hardest not to sound disappointed but yet failing miserably.

"If I'm lucky then no, but if I have learned anything is that luck is rarely on our side, I'm sorry... I was going to ask Harry if you could stay with his family over the beak but if not then I don't know what I'll do, I don't want you staying with my father, but then again he's probably in the same position as me meaning the only one left is mom but she's not in the best of health," Dad continues rambling but I wasn't paying any attention.

Hope welled up inside of me, spending the Halliday's with Albus! I have to admit it took me a solid minute for me to release that I would also be spending the Halliday's with Rose as well, this is if Harry agreed.

(A/N, hay so just going to jump into the future, long story short Harry says yes to Scorpius staying with his family, they all head back to the borough and Molly basically adopts Scorpius.)

After an hour of playing Quidditch with George, Ginny, Ron, Rose, Lily and several other Weasley relatives we head back to the house, everyone has been really nice and they all just took me in, no questions asked (which was nice because I don't like thinking about my father in the hospital).

We entered the house very lively, joking about the game we had just finished, it took a few minutes for us to quiet down but once we did I noticed four new people.

A tall rather round man about the same age as Harry was having a polite chat with Professor Neville Longbottom, the lady that I assumed was his wife quickly start a conversation with Ginny, she was thinner than her husband but was definitely curvy, her blond hair was darker than mine and much like The younger of the two daughters.

The older girl I recognized almost instantly as Daisy, she was in Lilly's grade and had been sorted into Ravenclaw, she was a spitting Image of her mother but had her fathers eyes and hair color, the younger one I didn't recognize but she too looked a lot like her mother.

"Daisy, Poppy!" Lily yelled rushing over to them and wrapping them in a hug, the trio started talking and pretty soon I felt out of place, I hadn't felt out of place until now, the Weasley's had taken me in and everyone had been really nice but right here right now I felt like a brick had been throw that my face.

I wasn't family and never would be, my family had tortured them, my fathers'' aunt Bellatrix almost killed Ginny!

I need to find Albus...

Fading into the background I leave the kitchen and head upstairs to the room that Albus, James, Lucius (Bill and Fleur's youngest child), Fred (George's son), Hugo and I were sleeping, opening the door I see Albus sitting on his bed reading a book.

I think about making a snarky comment but decide against it, heading over I sit in front of him on his bed legs crossed.

"You okay?" He asks not looking up from the book.

"What are you reading?" I asked ignoring the question.

Albus side and put his book down, "You miss your dad?" He asks even though it's not a question.

"Yes.... why are they all nice to me?"

"What?" Albus laughs.

"You're family! There all nice even with what happened with my family, at school you and I both get teased on a regular basis by people that weren't even alive back then, but here around people that live through it I haven't even gotten A wrong look." I bite my bottom lip not meeting Albus' eyes.

"You're overthinking things, why should they judge you by the actions of someone who died more than a decade ago?" He said punching my arm playfully.

I smile looking up at him and his brilliant green eyes, they Mach our house colors just like mine and in that moment just for a second I feel something I haven't felt since my mom died: completeness.

"Dinners ready!" Someone yelled from downstairs and the moment is lost.

I look away before getting up and start heading towards the door "Scorpius, can I ask you something..."

I hesitate, why did I hesitate? "Yes..." I say hand on the doorknob.

"How do you feel about Rose? And be honest." Albus asks and I feel my stomach drop, no, not this! Anything but this!

Taking a deep breath I look back at him, "I don't think we're really right for each other, and I think we both know it but we do care about each other very deeply which makes this hard." I say before leaving the room.

(A/N I'm sorry this was so short, I'm just trying to get through Christmas in small chunks)

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