Chapter 5

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Chapter 5



I turned to see Jisung trying to catch up to me. He grabbed my wrist stopping me from leaving.

"Is everything okay, Squirrel?" I say, using his nickname.

"Uh, you free tomorrow? We can study together in the library or go to the shops?" He asked.

"I'll see, you know my parents, they're really strict." I said sheepishly. He said okay and walked me to Mark's car.

The whole trip home, the memories of Jisung, Mark and I flooded my mind. We lived next to each other when we were younger and went to the same Primary School. We would always go to each other's houses or go to the park together. In school, he always protected me. We used to hold hands and walk to school. Mark would always be with his friends and didn't really care for me in Primary school.

Jisung and I were inseparable back then, but once he left to study in Mongolia, we became distant. Only just recently did we meet again during school, but we act as if we don't really know each other.


She's leaving! I excused myself and went after her. I called out to her "Y/n!"

She turned around as I grabbed her wrist to stop her.

"Is everything okay, Squirrel?"

She remembers... she remembers the nickname she used to call me when we were young. It's been so long.

"Uh, you free tomorrow? We can study in the library or go to the shops?" I asked.

She said she'll ask her parents since they're strict. I told her okay and walked her to Mark hyung's car. I waved goodbye and walked back inside, I couldn't help but smile about how cute she was. While I was studying in Mongolia, I didn't forget about her one bit. I longed to return to Australia and here I was.

Y/N's POV~

I finally got approval from my parents to go to the library and shops with Jisung. We decided to meet in the library first to study, I arrived a little late. Jisung was already sitting at a table reading a book. He looked just the same as before.

"Hey Jisungie,~" I greeted. "Hey," he responded.

We sat in silence as we studied, I felt my head became heavy and my eyes started to slowly droop, before I knew it I had fallen asleep.

I woke up to the gentle adjustment of Jisung's postion. I sleepily looked at Jisung and realised what had happened. I had fallen asleep on his shoulder! I looked away in embarrassment. He reached out and fixed up my hair and patted me on the head. I blushed and awkwardly continued my work. I looked at the time, 12:30pm.

Jisung suggested we have lunch at the nearby shopping mall and walk around. We ate sushi and talked about old times. We were walking side by side, when Jisung suddenly slipped his hand into mine. His hand was warm, making my cheeks tinged pink.


The 8 familiar voices called....


I arrived early and decided to read, it had only been 10 mins and Y/n arrived. She looked cute today, we greeted each other and began studying. It was so quiet, it seemed like forever since we arrived. I snuck glances of Y/n while she was studying, suddenly, I felt something gently lie on my shoulder. I looked at Y/n and saw her head on my shoulder. I admired her sleeping face and continued reading. I couldn't help but think how adorable she looked.

I cautiously adjusted my position, only to wake up Y/n. She looked away in embarrassment. Her hair was slightly messed up and I fixed her hair and tucked a few strands behind her ear. I patted her head and put my book to my face. I blushed behind the covers.

I suggested going to the nearest mall to eat and walk around. We ate, talked about the past and we found ourselves walking side by side. I don't know what came over me, I suddenly slipped my hands into hers.


Those voices...

Crap! They're going to see us!



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