Bottom Line

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Ray Ray walked back into his room to get his iPod and found a big bag on his bed.

"What the hell is this?" he asked, unzipping the bag, he found shirts, jeans and shoes amongst other items.

"I'm going home." Amani announced flatly.

"You're doing WHAT?!" Ray Ray bellowed.

"You heard me, I'm going home." she repeated.

"Why the hell are you going home?"

"Because, you're trifflin', low down, grimy, dirty, and no good."

"Are you serious, you've got to be kidding me!" Ray Ray yelled.

"Don't scream at me!" Amani cried.

"But you sitting here accusing me of some BS and you yelling at me." he reasoned.

"That still don't give you the got damn right to yell at me."

"And this still don't give you the right to leave me." Ray Ray muttered.

"Boy, please." Amani snickered, "I'm up out of here." she announced as she slung her bag over her shoulder and sauntered out of the room.

Ray Ray watched out of his bedroom window as Amani got into a car and was chauffeured away.

Picking up his phone, he dialed a number.

After three rings, the phone clicked over, "Hello?"

"Hey, this is Ray Ray, I need a big favor, come for me."

"Cool, be ready in fifteen."

"Aight, cool, peace."



"Nic, baby, thank you soo much." Cecilia mewled, hugging Dominic from behind.

"Who is this lil' fool to you baby, have you been cheating on me with this pipsqueak?" Dominic asked, looking back at CeCe.

"No, baby, like I said, he's nothing to me." Cecilia reasoned, "I just don't like his girl."

"Is he your ex or something?" Dominic pushed.

"Baby, why you asking me all these questions?" Cecilia whinned.

"Cuz, I just want to know."

"Well I've told you already."

(Rhian & Roc)

"Baby what are you doing?" Roc asked as he watched Rhian text away on her phone.

"About to get to the bottom of this." Rhian replied.

(CeCe & Dominic)

"Cecilia!!" Dominic furiously screamed.

"What the hell are you screaming for?" Cece replied.

"Why the hell are you talking to her?" Dominic cursed.

"Who, you mean Rhian?" Cecilia asked, "That's my buddy. She's going out with Roc."

"For how long?"

"For umm, about seven or eight months now, she went him shortly after some douche bag broke her heart by cheating on her because she wouldn't have sex with him. Sad right? Well it's his lost, he must have been hella crazy to let her go, that girl is beautiful both inside and out, for many reasons I envy her."

Can't be, just can't be MY Rhian. Dominic thought as Cecilia kept on chattering.

"So, Baby, what we going to do for our two-year anniversary?"