Chapter 1: Arrival

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The strong lights from the magnificent Eiffel Tower could be seen from relatively far. Susie could see them from her airplane window, as the airplane was making it's landing. Susie was more than overjoyed over the fact that she was in Paris, basically everyone's dream place. However, she was more excited over the fact that she was accepted Feer-Luci Music Academy, her dream school since she first picked up the violin at age 10. 

The plane landed and Susie was now officially stepping into Paris grounds. A rush of excitement hit her, mostly because she had never left the States, and never expected the first country she would visit was France.  She stopped by the french immigration, who began questioning her. She had taken 10 years worth of french, so she was able to understand.

"Full name please miss"

"Susie Lillbeth"

"Where do you come from?"

"America, from Boston"

"Why are you here?"

"To study, I will be attending the Feer-Luci Academy"

"Ok, I see"

The immigration official was relatively nice, something Susie was very glad about. After retrieving her bags and her violin, she quickly made her way out of the airport. Somehow, Paris was now under a huge rainstorm, despite the fact that when the plane landed, the sky was as clear as ever. 

After several unsuccessful attempts to get a taxi, Susie was completely soaked. The rain wasn't helping at all, as the rapid water drops were violently and quickly hitting her face. After 10 minutes or so, she was finally able to get in a taxi. She quickly took her luggage and her violin, throwing them inside the taxi, before going inside herself and quickly shutting the door. The taxi reeked of cigarettes, and the driver was an old tall man with a deep menacing voice.

"Where to?"



"The Feer-Luci Academy"

"What's that?"

Susie was very annoyed by the apparent sight that the taxi driver had never heard of this academy. After trying to tell him, she eventually just pulled out the acceptance letter the school sent her 2 months ago with the school's address and gave it to the driver.

"Oh! It's that snobby music school downtown!"

This comment irritated Susie even more. The taxi finally began moving and began it's drive to take Susie to her destination. What was only a 20 minute drive felt like 2 hours for Susie. She checked her phone for time.

10: 42 PM


Susie didn't realize it was that late. In America, it was around 4 o'clock at this time. She began panicking by the thought that the school might be closed and wouldn't let her in, she had no one to stay with.

Susie finally arrived at the academy, being intimated by the school's fancy exterior front. Pictures didn't do any justice for how truly beautiful this academy was. As the taxi was nearing the doors of the academy, Susie saw the doors open, and a male quickly rushed out of the school. 

He was very tall and was blonde. He seemed to be laughing. He seemed to be in a quick rush to get out. He quickly ran out of the school property into the nearby woods. The taxi had now reached the complete front of the school, and Susie, who was able to take a quick glimpse at the male before he completely dissappeared into the woods, realized he wasn't laughing, but he was screaming. Screaming with fear.

Susie stepped out of the taxi and walked up the front steps of the school and pressed the button of the intercom. The speaker buzzed, but no one answered.


There was no answer.

Susie let go of the button and pressed it again. It once again buzzed, but there was no answer.

"Hello? Is anyone there?"

Susie was beginning to get flustered. 

"I'm the new student from America, and I really need to come in!"

Attempting once more, she repeated the process.

"Hello? somebody please answer! It's really raining hard and-"

The taxi driver honked at Susie.

"Miss, I really have to get going, so if you want me to take you somewhere please hurry!"

At this point, Susie was done trying. She ran back into the taxi, and let out a heavy sigh.

"Do you know of any cheap motels around here?"

"Oh yeah, there's one right behind the school, the service isn't great but it's very cheap."

"Ok, take me there please"

The taxi began driving and circled the academy and some of the surrounding woods. Susie ended up catching another glimpse of the guy who had ran out of the school. He was still running quickly through the woods, at times looking back, with deep fear in his eyes. Susie eventually lost sight of him.

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