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Pen Your Pride

A/N: Can we pretend that Avery and Justin were both 17? Like, I know Justin was going into like the 8th grade when he was waiting on Scooter to call or whatever, but lets just all pretend that when he met Avery, he was 17. Okay? Okay :) Thanks :P


"Justin! Over here!" a reporter yelled as I was escorted to the parked, silver car on the street. Around me, girls pushed others out of the way, just to get a glimpse of me, or for a chance to touch my arm, get an autograph. "Is it true you have a hometown sweetheart in Canada, waiting for you?"

A sudden wave of emotions engulfed me as the question repeated itself in my head. I remembered a mental image of her. Her long, brown hair waving in the sunlight, her beautifully tanned face smiling at me, her bright, shinning smile blinding me. When I came back to reality, it wasn't her smile blinding me, it was the flash of many camera's.

I suddenly felt claustrophobic, and rushed into the car, pushing my secuirty circle just to get into the car, and shut the door.

"Drive." I told the driver in an almost french accent. I leaned back in my seat, looking out the window. The driver slammed on the breaks many times, trying not to hit my fans as they poured into the streets, chasing the car I was riding in for miles. I looked down at my phone as Scooter sent me a text message:

Yo, bro. You okay? Saw the pictures of you phazing out infront of the hotel, and a video of you pushing out of the security to get into the car. Everything okay?

I didn't bother to answer him, but I opened a new message to send to Ryan:

What do you have today?

I put my phone on my leg, and starred at the back of the drivers seat. Ryan, Chaz and I made up after they found out what I was going through. They apologized, and it took almost forever, but I finally forgave them, and we are okay now.

My phone buzzed, and I quickly opened the new message Ryan sent me:

Nothing bro :/ Don't you think it's about time to call it quits? It's been about three months, Justin.

I shook my head. No way was I giving up on Avery. 

No! We are not giving up! Thats what she wants! We will find her. Even if it takes the rest of my life to find her, I will.

She's worth it.

Obviously, not a first chapter (duh, says Introduction at the top!) Just thought as a way to clear my head, I'd go ahead and post alittle sneak peak of the story up. :) and let everyone see my AMAZING cover! :D

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