chapter two

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" Have you got any idea how lucky you are to have a body like that? " Martha sighed as she adjusted her swim wear.

" What? " Jackie said, certainly surprised. Jackie wasn't curvy by any measures, but she had hips and shoulders larger than she would like. They weren't a large insecurity of hers, but she still wasn't fond of them.

" You look like a woman, I look like a 12 year old stick. " Martha scowled.

" I think you look beautiful, " Jackie smiled.

Martha only rolled her eyes, turning to fix her blonde curls. Jackie couldn't care less about Martha's body, but her hair was enviable. Silky, long, bouncy and blonde. So much more compared to Jackie's bland, stick straight strands. In her opinion, it looked horrendous down! So in braids and updos it remained.

" Marth, we are getting in the pool, what does your hair matter? " Jackie groaned, adjusting her plain red costume.

Martha turned around quickly. " Jackie! Do you understand just how many people from school will be there?! Seniors even! Besides, we don't swim anymore, we lounge.... seductively. "

Martha giggled, slipping a towel over her shoulder.

Seductively? Jackie thought. I don't know how to be seductive.

With a confused expression she followed her friend out of her bedroom and through the house.

As they approached the kitchen it became obvious that Martha's older brother was sat at the counter top. A cigarette between his lips and a book between his fingers. If he had been anyone else, Jackie would've said the white t-shirt drooped deliciously on his torso. As Harry's eyes turned to them, hers dropped to the floor. Arms wrapping around herself in self consciousness.

" Where are you two going? " Harry mumbled from behind his cigarette.

" To the pool, " Martha said shortly.

" I'll drive you, " He said, tapping out the tip and picking up his keys.

" Oh no you won't. We are fully capable of walking ourselves. And besides, don't you hate water getting on your lovely leather seats? " Martha said quickly, tilting her chin up.

Her older brother rolled his eyes. " I'm not coming to supervise. I'm coming to... get some sun. And you'll get there much faster. "

"Fine, " Huffed Martha, following Harry outside.

Martha sat in the front and picked at her nails. Jackie sat in the back, her thighs glued together and her hands resting nicely. She felt awkward.

Harry watched the girl in the back from his
rear view mirror.

His fingers pulsed against the steering wheel.


Jackie watched as Martha flirted with Steven Steiner. She did it so easily, so effortlessly. Of course boys liked her, but not like they liked Martha.

Sighing she swung her feet in the water, moving her fingers gently across the cement pool side.

"Don't worry, girls like her never end up anywhere."

She turned to the man sat next to her, Martha's older brother with this legs in the water like her. His arms supporting him from behind allowing his arms to flex.

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