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Molly's POV
I woke up this morning and found another bruise. That's 8 total – nine if you count the one I got from tripping up the stairs. I don't exactly know what I did all I know is it her like a mother freaker . I didn't feel like getting up so I just laid in bed for an extra 30 minutes. I put on leggings and sweatshirt to cover up my "dark marks". That's what my mom calls them. Of course if she really knew what they were she wouldn't make me go to school. When I finally got to the place I called Hell I went straight to the bathroom and hid there until the bell rang. That damn bell. Every time I hear it I want to run the other way. my heart dropped to my feet and I can feel that lump in my throat. You know that one that feels like you can't breathe or swallow or speak, you were just kind of stuck there. Helpless, like a little baby bird that hasn't been taught to fly. I slowly catch my breath and build up the courage to walk through the grimey door of the girls bathroom. I step out with my head down and continue toward the back door mindlessly. I try not to think much although I know I'm going to have to put on a brave happy poker face. I breath in and hold it there and after what feels like an eternity I walk into the fifth classroom on the right in the 200 building. Geometry honors. My best and worst class of the day. Academically I'm great in that class. Cognitively not so much. My eyes meet his and I feel him staring into my soul. I fake a smile and playfully bat my mascara coated eyelashes. I set my stuff down and reluctantly put 1 foot in front of the other and end up sitting on the desk next to him. I look down at my feet over to his and my eyes follow his right foot to his right shin, calf, five, hip, waste, abs, chest, shoulder, down his right arm, back of his right arm, to his neck, chin, cheek and up to his eyes. Those beautiful brown eyes. Eyes that are beautiful yet mysterious in the most cliché of ways. Here comes that lump. A different one this time.

Hayden's POV
"Hey baby" I say instantly regretting words exceeding my mouth. "- I'm sorry I mean..." she stopped me before I could finish. "It's ok Hayden" just her voice could you my wounds, she looks absolutely adorable in those PINK leggings and sweatshirt. I just wish she  knew it. "How have you been. Your boy treating you right? He'd better be treating m best friend right or I'm gonna open up a can of butt whoopin on his ass" I could see Molly start to smile instantly dividing of the entire world. I don't understand how something can light up my world and be the elephant sitting on my chest all at the same time. While it slowly killing me, I think I'd already be dead without that smile in my life.

Molly's POV
I genuinely started to smile and lied  straight through my teeth. "Yeah actually. He is." It took all my strength to lie to him like that. The tardy bell ring loud and clear which meant I had to go sit down when I really wanted to do was running to Hayden's arms and cry on his shoulder. Geometry went on just like any other day but I couldn't get him out of my head. I actually wrote his name on my paper by accident. I felt like such an idiot. After first came second and third and fourth then after that lunch. Surprisingly, the day flew by. I see Hayden in first and in the halls sometimes but never after that. It's sort of bums me out to be honest. I feel so safe around him and safe talking to him. Maybe it's because he's practically a foot taller than me or maybe it's because I can tell him anything. Fifth – English – this class puts me to sleep every freaking day. Thank God I sit in the back. Lastly, sixth. My least favorite part of the day. Most people get excited for six. Because it's the end of the day. Me? Not so much. I'd rather sleep all day in English than ever go to sixth.. Dreadfully I put away my things two minutes before the bell rang. The teacher, Mr. Banks, went right up until the bell giving us a lecture about writing the text books. "If I find out who is doing it, they will be written up on the spot!" Are the words filling my ears and shaking my eardrums. I'm one of the first people out of the classroom again with my head down, hood on. I walk out of the 900 building where English is, down the sidewalk across the courtyard and stop in front of the 1400 building stairs. I look down at the bruise on my left shoulder. He pushed me two days ago. I don't think he intended to hurt me. I don't think he even realizes he does it. I gently rub the black and blue area on my arm pain spreading through the rest of my shoulder. A tear falls down my cheek. And I hear his voice, it sends chills down my back. He turns the corner and my stomach drops to the floor. I feel like running for my life with every fiber of my being. Again I fake a smile in my shaking body turns toward him. He walks up to me and instinctively his arm draped over my shoulder. He was talking to his friend about football. My kryptonite. He read my body language and asks what's wrong. His hand hits the bruise on my shoulder making me wince. I tell a little white lie and hope he doesn't see right through it. "Just sore" I say with the half hearted smile. "I'm sorry babe – you can come to my place tonight if you want, my parents will be home so we'll just watch movies or something." I look in his eyes and can't believe what I just realized. He sincerely just wants to spend time with me. I fall hard for the ones I shouldn't. The bell rings a split second after we walk over the threshold of the door. My teacher greets me and orders me to get out my notes. Him and I part ways and sit at our desks. I continue to live my life as life goes on.

Authors note:
thank you guys for reading the first chapter of my book. If there's anything I should do to improve my writing please let me know. Love you lots! Charlie <3

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