Part 5: The apartment

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It's been a week since Lucy showed up at the Fairy Tail guild hall, and Lucy... still has no place to live. Erza sat down on a chair and started cleaning her armor "Ah, I love cleaning my armor its been so long since I-" "Hiya!" Lucy said crouching on Erzas windowsill. Erza screamed and tumbled backwards taking the chair with her "...l-lucy....WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN MY HOUSE!!" Erza yelled hitting Lucy on the top of her head. "I-im sorry Erza, I thought we could hang out" Lucy's eyes started watering and she ran back to the window and jumped out and ran away crying, realizing what just happened Erza jumped out her window crashing to the ground landing not so gracefully "my apartment is 4 stories high, how did she land so gracefully?" After getting up she chased after Lucy. Erza was trying to find Lucy when she heard a faint humming and sobbing sound by the pond, Erza slowly walked over to the noise. Erza's face turned darker than her hair when she saw a stark naked Lucy washing her hair 'is this where she's been living?' She wondered as she slowly crept to the blonde SNAP!! Erza stepped on a branch causing Lucy to snap her head toward the noise and causing Erza to look up. "E-E-ERZA W-WHY ARE YOU HERE!? STOP STARING AT ME YOU PERV!!" Lucy screamed trying to cover herself but the water was clear as a crystal. "Lucy is this w-were you've been staying?" A dark aura slowly creeping around Erza for being called a perv, "yes" Lucy said looking down tears dripping into the pond. "Why? Why didn't you come to me for help I would have let you stay with me till you found a place..." "t-thats why I came over to ask you for help finding a place to live, but you hit me so I ran to where ive been living" Lucy motioned to the area around the pond. "Oh Lucy im so so so sorry!" "Its ok but I cant walk" "Why?" "I twisted my ankle while running" Lucy said, Erza re-quiped into a bathing suit and got into the pond and carried Lucy out and laid her on the ground. Lucy started crawling over to her clothes when Erza grabbed her tail making Lucy yelp and her ears shoot up, 'I really liked it when she grabbed my tail' Lucy thought making her blush. "Where are you going!" Erza asked sternly at Lucy "IM TRYNA GET MY CLOTHES IF YOU DON'T MIND, PERV!" Lucy yelled but Erza started dragging Lucy through town leaving Lucy butt naked scratching at the ground screaming "HELP! THIS WEIRDOS HURTING ME SOMEONE HELP!" but alas no one helped the blonde scared of Erzas wrath. Erza thru Lucy into her apartment while Erza re-quiped some clothes for the shivering mage, Lucy quickly thru them on "You can stay here till you find a place" Erza said sternly with a little pink on her cheeks. "O-o-ok" Lucy said looking down blushing, she stood up and walked past Erza to go find an extra pillow and blanket. After she found what she needed she thru the pillow and blanket on the couch and flopped down, "What do you thing your doing" Erza said with a slight of venom in her voice it made Lucy shiver. "Im sleeping on the couch!" Lucy exclaimed, "No your the guest take the bed I'll have the couch!" Erza said inching closer to the couch "No! Im the guest I get the couch!" "What did you say!" "I said NO!" Lucy yelled. Erza jumped and tackled the blonde, they were wrestling on the couch trying to push each other off when Lucy's eyes when from brown to red cat eyes and she clawed Erzas arms loosening Erzas grip to be able to push her off. Lucy hissed as Erza grabbed Lucy's arm taking her down with her, Lucy landed on top of Erza they both opened there eyes to see them kissing. There was a moment of shock between the two before they both started kissing each other, Erza wrapped her arms around Lucy's and she grabbed Erzas head deepening the kiss, Erza bit Lucy's bottom lip asking for entrance and Lucy opened her mouth so she and Erza were now kissing more harshly than before. They stopped for air and Lucy looked at Erza and Erza looked at Lucy, they flew away from each other and yelled "Sorry!" at the same time. Erza slowly crawled to her bed and laid down on her side and patted to the spot in front of her, Lucy slowly and cautiously walked to the bed and laid down facing Erza. Erza brought her hand to the back of Lucy's head bringing it to her chest and drifted off to sleep Lucy blushed and felt Erzas warmth and fell asleep not to long after the red haired mage.

In the morning Lucy slowly opened her eyes to see a sleeping Erza and saw how close she was to her Lucy blushed and tried to move quickly realizing there legs were tangled and Erza pulled Lucy in closer head now resting on the blondes. Lucy felt her groin pushed against Erzas and went a darker shade of red, but soon almost fell asleep when... "HEY ERZA YOU SEEN LUCY! I wanna go on a job with you guys!" Natsu grinned and opened his eyes to see Lucy and Erzas position blood started running out his nose but got a swift kick to the head, "You have 3 second head start and it starts now! 3........2.........1.........0" she started chasing after her brother to punish him. Erza giggled and followed behind them, "They are so much alike" Erza said smiling and walked toward the guild we're soon she'd see her crush hitting Natsu up side the head with a pipe provided by Gajeel.

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