5. Dress

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❝ dress ❞

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❝ dress ❞

A high pitched voice shouted her name from downstairs and of course, she knew the voice belonged to her stepmother. The reason why she ignored and continued playing with her phone.

As expected, her stepmother came to her room and shouted, "THEY ARE ALREADY HERE." She sighed and shoved her phone into her handbag before following the woman. "Come fast." Mrs. Yoon waved at her and ran out of the house.

Jihae locked the door before walking outside, and there she saw Jungkook and his mother waiting for them. On the other hand, Jungkook stood there with a poker face.

His face reminded her of the incident from yesterday.

- Flashback -

"It was only a show in front of the people."

His words made her roll her eyes in annoyance. Sure enough, she knew it was only a show. As if she wanted him to fall in love with her.

But the moment when his lips were against her, even if it was for a few seconds, she loved the feeling. The latter wiped his lips, making it less obvious for the people around. He might have fooled others, but not her.

Was he disgusted by me?

- End of flashback -

As usual, her stepmother pushed her towards Jungkook. "You come from Jungkook's car and I'll go with Mrs. Jeon," she said. Jihae tried not to touch Jungkook when she got pushed but unluckily, she ended up in his arms.

Both of them pushed each other and ended up rolling their eyes.

Mrs. Yoon got into another car with Mrs. Jeon and drove away, leaving them behind. And the couple got into the car and Jungkook drove away.

A slow music started playing but soon it became weird and the music started irritating her. She covered her ears tightly but it was still audible.  Jungkook was holding back his smile seeing her getting irritated which she eventually noticed.

Then it hit her, he was doing it on purpose. She turned off the music, but Jungkook again turned it on and continued driving as if nothing happened.

"Please be there," she mumbled those words and searched her earphones inside her handbag. Jungkook took a quick glance at her when she was mumbling to herself and even tried to peek inside her bag.

Finally, she found her earphones and clapped happily. She put those earphones and started listening to her type of music. The guy beside her couldn't bare her enjoying. He turned off the music and pulled the earphones from her ears.

"Why are you listening to these kinds of shitty music when your soon to be husband sings better?" He threw those earphones at the back seat, making her boil in anger.

"What the fu–" He covered her mouth with one hand as another one was on the steering wheel and Jihae tried to speak and guess what– she spat on his palm by mistake.

Jungkook left her mouth but made a disgusted face when he noticed saliva on his palm. He wiped his palm on her T-shirt, making her push him away.

"Why are you pushing me? Do you want to get into an accident?" Jungkook said in irritation. "Now listen." He went to focus on the road while humming a music.

The lyrics started escaping from his mouth which left Jihae with widened eyes. She was speechless.

His voice was beautiful.

A smirk formed across his face when he saw Jihae smiling. Jihae was drowning in his angelic voice when he stopped singing.

"Already fallen for my voice?" Jungkook asked with a smirk, making her roll her eyes. He swerved the car and drove to an unfamiliar parking lot.

They walked out of the parking lot and entered a bridal shop. Mrs. Jeon and Mrs. Yoon were already there selecting a wedding dress for Jihae.

"Sweetie, come here." Mrs. Yoon called Jihae as soon as she saw them enter. "How's this one? This one is Mrs. Jeon's choice. Go and try it." Mrs. Yoon handed her the dress.

Jihae was a bit disappointed since she just arrived and they were asking her to try the dress selected by someone else. At least they should have waited for her to choose a dress.

"But mom–"

"Just go!"

The poor girl sighed and walked to the changing room with the dress and a sad face. She was about to enter but what Mrs. Yoon said next made Jihae freeze and Jungkook widen his eyes.

"Jungkook, go and help her." Jihae heard her stepmother's voice from behind.

Right now, all she wanted to do was to throw the dress and run away from this place. Mrs. Jeon gave her son a sign to follow her and Jungkook obeyed his mother, "Sure."

"Let's go, baby," he whispered in her ear and pushed her inside before closing the door from inside while Jihae was still in the state of shock.

"Change it babygirl."

Jungkook pushed her in front of a huge mirror inside the large changing room and he stood there leaning against the wall near the door.

There she looked at the mirror and saw him smirking behind her. She swore inside her head several times before pulling her T-shirt over the head.

The guy behind panicked when he saw her about to change in front of him. "Can't you pull the curtain?" Jungkook pulled the curtain and both of them sighed in relief.

"How did I not see the curtain?" Jihae facepalmed.

"I have no interest in seeing you. My girl has a very nice body than yours," Jungkook spoke from behind the curtain. Jihae simply ignored him and went to change her clothes.

The whole time Jungkook talked on his phone with his girl. Jihae didn't give any interest in their talks until she heard him suddenly unlock the door and leave the room.

"I have some important work."


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