Chapter 7

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Bri Pov

I woke up in my bed and the babies kickin . I rubbed my stomach brushed my teeth washed my face and took a shower. I got out lotioned my body and put on (mm) . I got a interview today . I put my hair in a ponytail and heard somebody yellin

??: Bri bring yo ass here or ima pull yo babies out yo vagina

Me: Laylay dont make me bitch slap u

Laylay:but u love me and guess what


Jada: i got a bf !!


Jada:from La yesterday

So technically a nigga u just met

Jada:we clicked up and got to kno each other

Me:*laughs* ok

??:*nocks on the door*

Jada:there he go *opens the door* wassup *kisses him*

??:*kisses back* wassup

Jada:Bri this Deydey , deydey this Bri



Deydey Pov

I kno Bri pregnant but she bad asf . I wonder who her babydaddy is . Wait till she drop that baby tho how much u wanna bet ima smash that . She got a fat ass to .

Bri Pov

I seen him starin at me but i shook it off . Mama came by and brung the boys (mm) a shirt wit Qua on it . She kno she wrong for that. I laid in my bed on the phone wit Set when my doctor called me .


Brianna: hello


Brianna:whats wrong

Dr:we noticed that ur previous ultrasound pictures showed that the babies are movin farther down which could lead to early birth

Brianna:but is everything ok

Dr:yes evrything else is fine u have nuthin to worry about but just in case if u have pains just come see us

Brianna:ok thnk u


Convo over

I told the boys and went to sleep

I understand this chapter was short and im sorry but bare wit me here

Whats gonna happen next 


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