Ch. 1 Pulsing Beat

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I swayed on the crowded dance floor in my dark red silk gown with a slit up one side. Two arms wrapped around my waist as I bumped up against a man in front of me. The hypnotic beat filled the room as I stared into his dark gaze.

"You are the cutest one in the room," he whispered in my ear. He wanted me but he gave off a dangerous vibe. I looked at him seductively before I leaned forward my lips inches from his ear.

"Bite me," I said coolly before walking away from him. I smirked to myself as I walked to the bar ordering a shot. I pushed my blond wavy hair from my face as the bartender poured the shot. Sweat covered my body as I sat at the bar. I downed the drink quickly before turning to look over the crowd once more. My black strapped heels clicked across the hard floor as I made my way back onto the busy dance floor. I rocked to the music losing myself in the melody. I located another person to dance with. "Dance with me!"

"Why not," he said his hands resting on my hips as I draped my arms on his shoulders. His eyes trailed my body but I didn't care as I brushed against him. I looked in his green eyes with my blue ones before I pressed my lips to his. He was hot and I wanted to have fun so why not kiss him. Clearly we both wanted to kiss. After a few minutes I pulled away as he stared at me in shock. "Wow."

"I'm Ashley," I smiled at him. He seemed surprised by my behavior, kissing someone without their name was unusual even for a nightclub.

"I'm Kyle," he said as I led him back to the bar. We sat down ordering drinks. I ordered a margarita while Kyle got a beer. "What's a girl like you doing here all alone and why would you kiss me?"

"The answer to your first question is I enjoy clubbing and the answer to question two is you seemed nice enough and for fun," I said simply. "I'm just looking for fun nothing serious."

"Now you have made me even more curious about you. You don't strike me as the casual type," Kyle said firmly as I shrugged.

"Let's just say I got tired of complications in my love life," I said tightly. I didn't come to a club to find a boyfriend and his questions were getting on my nerves. "You up for a party or not?" I snapped bluntly.

"Sorry, I don't do casual," he said harshly before paying for the drinks. He got up quickly leaving me sitting at the bar. I sighed downing the rest of the cool liquid before getting to my feet. I was irritated now that he had left me alone. I misread his attraction as more than it was. I didn't want to find a boyfriend and he wasted my time. I stalked off to the bathroom leaning against the sink trying to calm my anger. Kyle had reopened my wounds as I thought of my boyfriend. My boyfriend who died in a car accident two months ago. Kyle's eyes reminded me of Tyler. I missed Tyler, he was kind and smart. Tyler was the person I pictured marrying before the accident. Tears filled my eyes as I fought against the sadness and the anger. I had loved him so much, we both were going to school to become something when he died. I still felt angry knowing he was killed by a drunk driver who swerved into his car. After his death I couldn't focus on anything but the pain. A few weeks later I turned to clubbing as a distraction from my pain and I dropped out of school. I took a shaky breath calming my emotions and pulling myself together before stepping out of the bathroom and heading straight to the bar again. I ordered shot after shot until I had numbed the agony inside me. I couldn't deal with thinking about Tyler. I paid the bartender before I exited the nightclub. I stopped to look up at the night sky. I loved night, you got a stillness you couldn't find anywhere else. The air was cool against my skin as I breathed the fresh air. I looked at the lengthy line of people before I started down the street. I walked down the sidewalk away from the pulsing beat of the nightclub.

I staggered down a side street walking through the quiet neighborhood. None of the houses had lights on but it was almost one in the morning. My heart raced as anxiety pounded through me. I felt the overwhelming feeling like someone was watching me but there wasn't anyone outside. I glanced around the neighborhood but found no one. I shook off the feeling continuing toward my apartment I shared with my sister. I was being stupid there wasn't anyone watching and even if they were I knew self defense. I took the next street walking slightly faster toward the apartment. I saw the building a few yards away. I gasped as two arms snaked around me pulling me into an alley. I struggled against their hold but they pinned me to the wall causing tiny scratches on my skin as my back rubbed against the wall. I screamed for help but he just laughed. He was stronger than me.

"You told that man to bite you so I thought since he wouldn't I would," his voice sent a chill down my spine. I stared with terrified eyes into his cold eyes.

"Please stop," I sobbed as he smirked. Fear filled my body as he moved my hair from my neck. The next thing I knew his teeth sunk into my neck as pain flooded my system. I squirmed but he held me tightly in his arms. The world began to spin as my heart slowed. I knew I was going to die in this alley a few feet from my home and there wasn't anything I could do to change it. I stopped fighting as I grew weaker. I went limp in his arms moments before darkness consumed me.

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