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Diago growled as he stood apon the unnatural building. He could smell the toxins, people, experiments, but most of all he could smell the faint scent of his kin and Sarafina. Loki stood beside him with the Avengers. Wolves were in the forest awaiting for H.Y.D.R.A Agents to come out.

Their wish was quickly granted as men in black gear started pouring out of the building. Weapons lay on their hips as they charged into a battle.

A ferocious, deep howl arrupted from behind them and they knew the Elders had spoken...The fight has begun.

Wolves clashed with the agents, The Avengers made a bee line for the base while Diago joined the fight.

"Loki!" He barked, earning a glance from the God. "Go find your mother and siblings!" All Loki did was nod and he ran into the base, following the Avengers.

More Agents surrounded the group and they all quickly got into a battle stance. Loki knew without magic he would be useless. The power he used to have was locked up, not to be opened until he had proven himself. He heard another howl from a wolf and recognised the loud but soft sound. ..

"Mother!" He called. He looked around for an escape route but had found none.

"We will get to your 'Mummy' Reindeer Games, just give us time," Starks robotic voice ordered.

He felt a hand on his shoulder and looked to see Thor there, his eyes on his target but he spoke quickly.

"Though i believe the relationship you have with the beast is unnatural-"

"Sarafina!" Loki growles

"- I will help you find her and heal her if necessary," The blonde God promised as he engaged in battle with another agent. Loki took out a hand-crafted knife and engaged in battle with an injured H.Y.D.R.A agent.

The agents slowly stopped coming and the Avengers panted, out of breath they all walked on. They fought the small stranglers left before cautiously looking around. Natasha put her hand to her ear and nodded once.

"Yes sir," The redhead then looked towards them "Code Green. Outside must not look very good..."

"Lets hope those wolves don't anger him or else he will be fighting the wrong team."

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