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She ventured out into the unknown 

Evie continued her sulk for the majority of her day. She was unaware of anything else which was going on in the institute rather only getting out of bed on one of two occasions. The first of which was to shower and change into a clean set of pyjamas. The second was to go to the toilet. 

There was only one problem with her prolonged sulk. At about midday, she had run out of food. This had not done any good to her mood. Rather she became hangry. However, she was in too much of a mood with everyone else that she refused to leave her room to get more food. Rather she waited until it was 10 pm. This was a time she knew everyone else would have eaten so the kitchen would be empty. It was also the time in which she knew everyone else was likely to be out on a mission. Once again forgetting about her. 

That was how she found herself walking down the halls of the institute towards the kitchen in her pyjamas and a blanket and the duvet was too heavy to drag down the stairs at the time. She was lucky in making it to the kitchen. There was no one around and she hadn't so far run into anyone else. 

Evie had found what she was looking for. In the freezer was a tub of ice cream. She wasn't really fussed at the time what flavour it was but was presently surprised to see it was only vanilla. She felt more comfortable with it being a classic, something of which she could find familiarity in. So there she sat with a teaspoon eating ice cream. Why a teaspoon? It was because it made it easier to take each bite. For a tablespoon made it look as though she had eaten a lot in a short amount of time but a teaspoon made it look like it took a longer period of time. 

"So you must be the other Fairchild we are currently holding refuge to" Came a voice. Evie reacted in the toughest way possible, letting out a small squeak and dropping her spoon. She looked up to see a dark haired woman stood in front of her. The more she stared at the woman the more similarities she saw between her and the Lightwood siblings. Therefore, she could only deduct that this was their mother and that she had probably given off the worst first impression ever. However, this first impression only seemed to reflect her personality more. A person who has not suited out for whatever they were doing at the current moment in time. 

"Yes, that's me, Evangeline Fray... I mean Fairchild. Sorry, I'm still getting used to the new surname." Evie stuck her hand out for the woman to shake

"Maryse Lightwood, head of this institute. Now tell me why you are currently in here and not out in the world like your sister or training like any of my other shadowhunters?"  Evie didn't know how to respond. Should she tell this woman she was like this because she was sulking or be slightly annoyed that once again she was compared to her elder sister. "And girlie don't even think of lying to me I will know". Well, there went all of her excuses the way Mama Lightwood spoke made her blank in the excuse department. 

"Well... um... I... um... I... was... um... kinda" "Spit it out Evangeline" She was cut off and started to go red in the face. Evie was sure her face matched the colour of her hair right now. 

"I was in my room all day, having a...um sulk like a five-year-old. I came downstairs for pity food" She managed to get out, going even redder in the face, if it was even possible, after realising just how ridiculous her way of coping seemed at this moment. 

"And please do tell me why this is" Maryse coaxed out of the young girl. The woman was intrigued for more than one reason. The first one being just how red the child had turned. The other being as to why someone her age would lock themselves away in their room for such a long period of time. 

"Well you know I am new to this stuff, I mean I did barge my way into your home without asking and for that I apologise. I didn't choose this lifestyle and if I had my way I don't think I ever would choose this life. I mean look at me. I'm no way made out for a life like this. I'm scrawny. I don't look threatening. And I don't leave a lasting impression. Noone ever remembers me, you'll probably leave and forget about me by the next morning. I mean I'm pretty sure your children have already forgotten about me. What use is a shadowhunter the people suppose to control the shadow world, who no one can ever remember? I'm useless really. I do one heroic act which nobody seems to notice. I don't care about recognition. But still, I'm not celebrated. Yet my sister will hold a sword and the world will fall at her feet. But don't you worry Mrs Lightwood. Once this is all over I'll be out of your hair. I'll still fight. I'll still train but as soon as my mother and my sister are reunited and Valentine is dead I'll disappear. You'll never see or hear from me again. That is a promise I will make you." Evie spoke as silent tears ran down her face. She looked like a pure mess and she was aware of this. She wouldn't look Maryse in the eye. Too ashamed of what she had admitted she stared at the table. 

She thought she had scared the woman away when she got up. But Evie was more surprised when she walked over to the kitchen draws and got out a spoon, not before joining the girl and taking a spoonful of the ice cream. 

"I care about my family Evangeline, that is probably why I am so harsh on my children. I give them all the harsh comments so that they will become confident in themselves. My children are confident in their own abilities in their appearance and I hope in everything else which makes them strong and who they are. But you, I can see you have never had that. That is why I shall allow you to mope for a little while longer. However, after tonight I want you to start training. We are going to find something you excel at and make it so you own it. I am going to talk to some of the other shadowhunters here. Those which aren't my children and aren't heavily involved with what they are running a riot and doing. We shall build you up here until you see the potential inside of you. For you are a beautiful girl. Yet you are more than your face. You are a shadowhunter. And I am not going to rest until you are aware of this fact. And if you truly still want to leave after this is all over I shall help you on your way. Do we have a deal?" 

And with that Evie cried once again. This time out of relief. For perhaps she might have found someone who cared. Someone who saw the real her. 

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