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"Hey James." Grayson said. His voice dropped and he sounded so fucking different. I turned and looked at him up and down.
What the fuck is that voice? I said with my eyes. He avoided my eyes and ignored me, which surprised me a lot.
James ran straight past me, his shoulder hitting me. I grit my teeth and stopped myself from growling, then shut the door.
When I turned, he was hugging Grayson tightly.
"SO I have so much to tell you and so little time. Imgoingtobehavingapartytonightandimhopingyouandethancancome,loadsofyoutubersaregoingtobethereandIknowit'sgoingtobeamazingifyoucome! Sohowdoesstartat8sound?" He didn't stop speaking, like he didn't need to breathe... ever. 

Grayson nodded, smiling.
"Sounds good James. But..." He put his arm out at me. I had my arms crossed, unimpressed.
James turned around and gasped, like he didn't see me when I opened the door.
"Who's this Grayson..?" James walked up to me and grabbed my arm. His grip looked soft, but it really wasn't.
"My best friend Jade.. She's always in my snapchats? We've spoken about her before."
"Oh have we? Idon'treallyremember,that'smyfaultIhaveabadmemorysoItendtoforgetthings!"
he giggled fakely, cocking his head to the side at me and giving me a big smile.

He might not know me, but I know of him. James Charles, to put it lightly, was crazy. Grayson has told me on many occasions how extreme he could get. He knew that James liked him and if I ever brought it up, he'd ignore me or change the subject. 
I had wanted to meet James since the day the boys became friends with him, just to see if he really was how he came off as. Already, I could tell he was.
"Well nice to meet you James!" I smiled back.
"So... Can she come? Because I can't leave her here alone, it's her first time in LA." Grayson said from behind him.
He let go of me, making me rub my arm in pain. He turned and looked at Grayson, checking his abs.
"Ifyou'rewearingthat,ofcourseshecancome.." He flirted, touching his chest.

I put my hand to my face in a fist, trying so hard not to laugh. I bit my knuckle and looked away.
"Is James here?" I heard from down the corridor.
"DADDYYY!" James got distracted, running to Ethan and giving him a hug.
Ethan widened his eyes at me and I faced the door, tears forming in my eyes from holding the laughter in.
"I missed you! Wewerejusttalkingaboutmypartythatimhostingtonight,thatyou'reobviouslycomingto!" He laughed.
Ethan pulled away and rubbed his temple, trying to process what James just said.
"Oh! Sounds good, can't wait."
I turned back and Grayson stepped close to me, leaning down to whisper in my ear.
"First impressions?"
"Exactly how you described him, even worse. He seems alright, just lock me in a room with him for an hour and I'd be clawing my way through that door."
Grayson chuckled and stood back straight.

"What are you both laughing at over there?" Ethan said, catching our attention.
"Nothing." I wiped the tears in my eyes, smiling.
"Wellitmustbesomething,youwouldn'tbelaughingwouldyou?Justtellusifit'ssofunny." James smiled at me, putting his hand out.
"I'd much rather.. not." I walked around the beam and into the kitchen area grabbing a banana.
Ethan kept his eyes on me, I could feel his sexual mind whirring. I peeled it back and took a bite casually.
"Fine!" James said in his sassy tone.
He moved to Grayson and started talking, Ethan still staring intently.

I walked out and past him to go to Grayson's bedroom.
"Quit staring." I said as I grazed over him when I passed.
I got into the room and grabbed my suitcase. I bought the outfit last week, just incase anything like this came up or me and the twins went to a nice meal while being here.
I shut the door and pulled off the shirt, slipping the dress on, alongside with the heals. I pulled my shorts out from under the dress and stood by the mirror, posing. I had a coat that went alongside it, so wrapped it around me loosely. The best thing for me to do was send it to Cam.
I took the photo and searched Cam. The closest thing that came up was the groupchat of me, Cam and the twins, so pulled it up and sent it there.

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