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She was going to find any way to ignore all responsibilities brought upon her.

Evie was not going to lie. She was sulking. She had locked herself away in her room minutes after returning from their adventure in which they saved Hogwarts. Her only food source was the extreme amount of junk food she had managed to smuggle into her room in the days she had been in the institute. She laid wrapped in her duvet watching reruns of friends on the tv. 

Every time someone had knocked on her door she had paused the tv and gone absolutely quiet in the hopes of sending them away. She had been in her room for two days solid barely moving from her bed. She had left once each day to shower at obscure times in the day in which she hoped no one would walk past or try to enter her room. So far this technique had worked no one had bothered her. Though she wasn't sure if it was because they were giving her space or if they just hadn't missed her presence and realised she'd locked herself away in her room. 

However, her bliss of sulking was interrupted. She was well into her episode of friends. She was watching Season 2 Episode Eleven, 'The One with the Lesbian Wedding'. Now that gay marriage was on the way to being fully legal she was kinda hoping that it would be her one day. She wanted a nice winter wedding and the more she thought about it the more she wanted it to happen. Back to the main topic though. The haunting pounding on her door. She tried her normal trick hoping that the intruder would go away. 

"Evie I know you're in there. It's me you better get your butt out of there now and come outside." Evie groaned at the voice of her twin. It seemed stupid to her that her sister was the one to come and get her. But she knew there was no need to attempt to get her sister to budge. That was how she was convinced to get out of bed with her duvet wrapped around her body she approached the door and opened it slowly. She saw her sister stood there was an angry look on her face and simply Evie was not in the mood for it. She did not want to be dragged along into whatever her sister was thinking. 

"That stupid gay stole the necklace mum gave me. Like I saw her and everything and now its locked away my only chance to see her and it's gone. Talk to him get it back" Evie didn't know what to take more offence to. The gay comment, the fact that Clary had received something from her mum but she hadn't or the fact that Clary only came to talk to her to complain and user her. 

"No" Evie responded as she shut her door in her sisters face. Was it polite? No. Did she feel better after doing it? Yeah, she did. 

Evie went back to her bed and hid under her covers. The TV was long forgotten. Rather she was contemplating that once again she hadn't received something like Clary had. She could practically feel the favouritism leaching off her mother and towards her sister. All she wanted was to be treated as an equal. Though this didn't seem logical or as if it wasn't going to happen.

It was in this moment she made a decision. 

When this was all over she wasn't going to stay in the shadow world. She was leaving. She was going somewhere. Anywhere away from everyone else. Maybe she'd move to England where she would join the British Police Force. At least then she would be away from everything.

Authors Note: Why hello again everyone. Now I feel as though poor Evie is not getting much of anything right now and I do feel ever so sorry for my child. However, maybe a few twists in the future will make it so that she is happy. But I'm not going to spoil anything yet. I have noticed though that each episode is amounting to about three or four chapters so this may turn out to be a very long book which is an exciting prospect. But thank you all for reading this far. That's if you ever read these tiny bits at the bottom of the chapters. Please comment if you have anything to say whether or not it is positive. For all feedback can be utnred into positive feedback if I am to act upon it. 

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