Making It Clear. Part 49

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17th February 2018 All Rights Reserved.

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Daniel's POV...

Walking back into my own home to hear what sounded like a wailing banshee carrying on was not what I expected to experience. But I should not have been surprised since this is Izzy I was dealing with, isn't it?

Then trying to get her to talk coherently enough to understand her took some time before I stood there in the living room standing over her in shock at what she was saying was enough to make my blood boil.

I had heard rumours on and off ever since I met her years ago that she was often called 'Dizzy Izzy' for a reason. Now I know why. She is an idiot. She has to be. It is the only reason that would explain her thinking process over the years.

" Are you daft, woman?" I yelled at her which only caused her to blubber a bit more than she had been as I stood over her with my hands on my hips as I glared at her.

" But I thought that you were going to ..." She started to say through her sobbing which was beginning to make me want to pull my hair out. Or hers which might make me feel better.

" I think that you have had too much time on your hands, Isabel. Something I think I will be rectifying from today. But first, there is this." I snapped at her as I reached down with one hand and yanked her to her feet.

I was going to make it absolutely clear what I thought of her behaviour over the years. It is going to stop and it is going to stop right now.

A moment later, she was face down over my knees with her wailing her head off a little louder than before. Only this time it was an outrage of the spanking I was now giving her. But I didn't care right then. I should have done this years ago.

" That's for being unreasonable," I said with the first smack against her plump backside.

" That's for being an idiot." Whack was the sound of hand hitting a wiggling butt as she tried to push herself off my lap. But I held her too tightly for her to get away.

" This one is for lying to me."

" This one is for raising an imprudent and obsessively spoilt brat of a daughter."

" This is for stealing my letters from my parents' place."

" That's for being spiteful to Fai. Especially when there was not any need to be."

" That's for causing me to lose a relationship with my daughter, Olliandriah. Who incidentally is your step-daughter as well and is also our children's' older sibling as well as being an aunt and uncle to her child." Another couple of whacks for that one which had her howling even more than before.

" These ones are for you being nasty to Fai and her husband and kids every time we see them.  Not nice of you, Isabel." A couple of whacks later and she has now got her head hanging low and is just holding on for dear life.

" And these ones are for the way you have treated me since we first got together." Another couple of whacks before I suddenly pushed her off me as I stood up and looked down at her as she held one hand to her backside which I am sure is smarting somewhat from the spanking I should have given her years ago. 

By this stage, she was quietly sobbing as she sort of curled up on the floor at my feet.

She held one hand over her face while rubbing her butt. I was not going to feel pity or ashamed for giving her the spanking she should have received from her parents years ago. Hopefully, it won't be too late to turn her attitude around. If not, then I am pretty darn sure there will be more spankings coming her way.

" You have had too much time on your hands, Izzy. Something I can help rectify." I said to her as I bent down and scooped her up into my arms which surprised her. She was quick to hang on to me by wrapping one of her arms around me and using the other one to grab at the front of my shirt as I left the living room and made my way up the stairs to our room with tears still falling from her eyes.

But they weren't falling for long.  I didn't hesitate to kick the door shut on my way in. 

The next few hours were of her screaming. But not in pain this time. I was making damn sure that the screaming she was doing this time was the type she would be asking me for to help her with every damn time she entered our bedroom.


I didn't hear back from Jeremiah for a while. Or if I did, it escaped my notice with work and also keeping Izzy occupied so she wouldn't cause any more mischief. I usually left her sleeping among the twisted bedsheets after grabbing a quick shower and getting dressed for the day, leaving her sleeping since she didn't get that much during the night.

After several days of this 'treatment', I slowly began to see a different Izzy begin to emerge. One who was more considerate of me as well as being considerate of others. It could be that she didn't want another spanking. But it also did not escape my notice that there was a bit of a twinkle in her eye when she mentioned me giving her one again.

Cheeky little chit. I would usually turn away from her not letting her see the smile I tried not to let her see when she did that.

I didn't do it to annoy her, but I also began to read a letter to her each night before taking her to bed so she could see what Fai had been writing to me all those years ago. I had asked Izzy if she had read them and she said she hadn't. She felt guilty enough about it over the years.

I will admit that she was not really acceptable to hearing what Fai had written at first, to begin with, all those years ago. But with one steely look I gave to her, she just settled down and sat beside me and listened. Then we looked at and shared thoughts about the pictures Fai had sent with those letters.

Izzy slowly started to get comfortable each time that Fai or Ollie was mentioned. I made it a point to mention them several times a day. Izzy has to get used to hearing about them if I manage to get Fai to forgive me and also have any kind of relationship with Ollie.

" What's with Mum? She's different." My son suddenly said to me one afternoon a few weeks later.

" I think she is getting used to the idea after all this time that I have another child that is older than you are." I simply said to him as I shuffled the file I was holding into my briefcase which was open on my desk. 

I looked up and smiled at him because I too think it is great progress.

I won't tell him how I am making her do it either. No kid likes to think of their parents going at it. They think parents are either too old or don't do that kind of thing anymore. But we are not too old and we certainly do indulge in a fair bit of intimacy, I thought with a smile.

He was not the only one to see a difference. The house staff along with the office staff also saw a bit of a difference in her attitude when they spoke with her.

Izzy was calmer and more polite these days. She spoke with everyone else in a very respectful manner and even made the effort to even smile at people nowadays. It is really good progress. Something I should have done years ago. I can't wait for her to meet up again with Fai. We usually do every now and again when we are out to lunch somewhere.

I just hope that Fai is receptive to seeing us again. I just hope that Izzy has progressed enough to contain herself and be accepting of Fai and her family.

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