Zianourry - California King Bed

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--California King Bed--

(narrarators point of view)

"Lou! I'm bored!" Harry whined.

"Well, whataya want me to do about it?" Louis replied with an attitude.

Harry thought for a moment and then got a mischevious smirk. "Let's play... truth or dare!" He said loudly.

"Okay! Boys? Is everyone up for that?" Louis asked.

"Yes!" Zayn yelled.

"Woop woop!" Niall yelled too.

"Fine." Liam answered.

They all formed a circle on the ground and Liam pulled Niall into his lap. He wrapped his arms around Nialls waist and then rested his head on Nialls shoulder.

"Okay! Who wants to go first?" Louis asked, suddenly becoming the leader.

"OOH! ME!" Harry screamed.

"Okay, Harry! Truth or dare?" Louis asked.

"Um... dare!" He said, smiling widely.

"Hmmm, Harry... I dare you to... stick your hand down Liams pants, and... keep it there for five minutes!" He suggested.

Liam's eyes went wide and Niall looked at him, worried. Niall got off of Liam and Liam suddenly got nervous. "Mmmm... gladly!" Harry said in a low, husky voice. He then scootched over to Liam and just stuck his hand in his pants, near Liam's hip. Liam suddenly felt a weight lifted off his shoulders, knowing his hand wouldn't go near his crotch. But, his theory was soon proven wrong.

Harry's hand lurked over to Liam's crotch and applied pressure in all the right places. Liam shifted uncomfortably while the other boys continued.

"How about Louis goes next?" Niall suggested. Louis nodded and waited for someone to ask him 'the question'. All the while Harry's hand hand started massaging Liam's hardening crotch. Liam stiffled a moan, while the Cheshire boy grinned evily. He massaged harder and harder, only to go into his boxers and start massaging again. Liam whimpered really loudly and moved around a lot. All the boys looked at him in confusion, and then realization.

"Looks like Liam is getting turned on." Louis stated obviously.

Liam pursed his lips, blushing. Harry just smirked, trying to hold in a laugh, but still continuing to massage Liams crotch. Liam started moaning and leaning into Harry's hand. This was exactly what Harry wanted, and now he started stroking and turning this into a full on hand job. Liam was turned on beyond imaginable and was in la la land.

"Okay!" Zayn said. "Truth or dare, Louis?"

"Dare!" He replied excitedely.

"I dare you to kiss Nialls crotch, without his pants on!" Zayn continued.

Niall was now the uncomfortable one. He shifted nervously for a second, but then stood up and took his pants off, still leaving his boxers though. Louis walked over to Niall and looked him right in the eye, then squatting down and looking at his crotch for a second. He then placed a nice, hard kiss on Nialls now hardened member. He closed his eyes, and made it last while moaning, only to lean back and smirk at Niall who looked pitiful and wanting more.

"Might as well keep your pants off, Ni. Looks like these dares are getting pretty dirty." Zayn said.

"Okay, Harry! The five minutes is up!" Louis said, earning sad looks from Liam and Harry. Harry slowly took his hand out of Liam's trousers.

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