45 | Home Sweet Home

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  Going home wasn’t as I expected. I was nervous, I’ll give you that. What would I say to Harry? What would he say when he realized I was just…a liar. A total complete liar. I mean, okay fine he said I wasn’t a liar. But I couldn’t get rid of that nagging feeling. Our entire relationship had been a half-lie.

     My feelings had been real. That was the only thing that had been real.

     I rang the doorbell, shuffling my feet at the porch. I wasn’t ready for this, but I had to do it.

     Harry’s mom opened the door.

     She smiled a warm smile.

     “How can I help you?” she asked.

     “Umm, I’m looking for Harry.”

     She smiled innocently.

     “I’m sorry sweetie, but I can’t allow fans into our house.” She was about to close the door on me, but I put a foot out to stop her.

     “I’m not a fan, Anne. I’m Taylor, his girlfriend.”

     She blinked as realization swept over her.

     “Oh Taylor I am so sorry! Please accept my apology. You seem to be a bit different. Your hair has highlights in it now.” I fingered my hair softly. I had put highlights in it at the salon in the town near the cottage. I smiled at her as she let me in.

     “Harry, you’ve got a visitor!” Anne yelled upstairs. 5 minutes later, he came thudding down the stairs. He stopped and stared at me when he saw me.

     “Taylor!” he exclaimed, then ran down the rest of the stairs. He hugged me, the same hug as usual, big and bright and as if nothing was wrong.

     “Harry,” I whispered because his mom was still staring at the two of us,” we need to talk somewhere in private.”

     He let go of me and then silently motioned for his mom to leave. She smiled knowingly, grabbed her keys and purse, and left the house.

     “Nobody else is home?”

     “My sister is out with her friends, my stepdad is at work. So, we’re good.”

     “Awesome.” He walked me to the living room and we both sat beside each other on the couch.

     I didn’t say anything for a while. He knew what this was about. This conversation could take a turn for the worse if I started talking.

     “So….CIA huh? How cool is it that my girlfriend is CIA?”

     I laughed.

     “It’s not that cool.”

     “Simon told me…at the hospital.”

     “Do you believe our relationship was real?”

     “Oh yeah, most definitely. Despite the fact that you didn’t tell me you were CIA, we still loved each other. Otherwise, you wouldn’t have stayed.”

     “I stayed because the cartel could have hurt you.”

     “Why would they wanna do that?”

     “You’re an international symbol, and the best way to show your enemies up is by destroying international symbols.”

     He went silent.


     I smiled. “Yeah.”

     “You almost died for me. When I got out and saw the explosion, I was running in until someone stopped me. And I was screaming for you.”