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What better time to share everything, than the most awkward moment in her life.

Evie stalked her way down the institute halls. She was on a mission to find the others before she got lost. The small amount of time she had spent in the building had involved many cases where she ended up nowhere near where she wanted to go. On one occasion instead of finding the kitchen, she had found a library. The library was one of the most intriguing rooms in the building unlike other ones around town this was filled with the classics in terms of literature. There was so many which weren't the typical books such as Shakespeare or Emily Bronte. It was amazing to see what she could find. Evie had spent hours in that room looking at the books and the different forms of entertainment. 

This only then happened in reverse when she was looking for the library once again and stumbled upon the kitchen this time. However, she didn't want food this time. Evie was also not skilled in the kitchen. Despite burning water being an impossible task she had managed to burn super noodles. I mean it doesn't seem like it was too hard to cook. All it took was five minutes for the food to cook in the boiling water. But alas she was distracted. The distraction was the one person she couldn't get off her mind. 

Of course, it was Izzy. She had wandered in whilst Evie was cooking and initiated a conversation. It wasn't much to go on or to start talking about more of two girls just trying to get to know each other. Know things about each other which were not related to the job they performed. She had learnt the basics needed to form a friendship because at the current time that was all that they were going to be. Well that was what Evie thought anyways. She had no idea what was going through the brunette's mind. No idea that she had left an impact on her.  No idea that just as much as her thoughts were consumed by the brunette that she was slowly consuming the thoughts if said brunette. Alas, only time would tell the real impacts. 

However, she hadn't expected to get so trapped in her own thoughts. Therefore, she found herself walking into the group of her four other comrades. They were gathered around the item of jewellery she assumed was the bargaining chip for the evening. She looked down to see the necklace that they were going to use as payment for the memories being returned. It was definitely something she could see someone wanting back desperately. It was beautiful and she would rather they keep it here than use it to pay for something she really didn't think she'd ever get back yet alone really wanted back. Evie could live without the memories of the first few years of her life she preferred to remember everything the way it was to remember everyone the way she saw them fit. What would happen if she had memories of her father that made her question everything she had come to believe. What if these memories made her think of herself as a monster. 

But alas they were ready to meet. To go out and see sparkly. Evie, she had a different agenda. Get Alec a date. So here they were again walking down another dimly lit passageway. There was no real sign of what was to come only that she knew if they could be seen it would be likely that they would have been jumped down this passageway. They walked in an odd format. Izzy and Clary were leading the way with her and Alec behind and Jace was somewhere towards the back. Evie didn't really mind all that much about the guy left alone at the back. It was his choice really she knew he was dead set on being heroic and showing her sister he could not only look after himself but everyone else. 

"So my dude, why did you not tell me your full name was Alexander? Like, think of how amazing of a full-length name you've got and you've shortened it to Alec?" 

"Why didn't you bring up your full name was Evangeline?"

"Touche... However, sharing this kind of information now means we're automatically best friends you know that right Xander? I'm giving you no real option here" 

"Well, a guys gotta know when to not argue. I allow you to have it your way Lele" 

The two continued to talk quietly to one another as they approached their destination. The chatter was mainly about the night coming up. She could tell deep down that Alec was excited about the night he wanted to meet Magnus. And so did she. Honestly, she wanted him to style one of her outfits to see how overboard he went. Plus she was sure he knew where all the gays went to socialise in the shadow world.

"Do you think red is my colour?" Izzy suddenly asked staring down at the necklace. 

"Isabel you make any colour your colour. "Iz with a body like yours, everything is your colour." Replied both sisters before looking at each other and shouting "I was the one suppose to be talking" at the same time. But it was only a twin thing. 

After a couple of innuendos were passed back and forth between the quintet. They eventually arrived at the rave where they split to 'search' for Magnus. Evie dragged Alec away from the others they were going to search for Magnus after dancing for a little while. 

"Come on Xander, let yourself loose a little. Show how available you are to the rest of the guys here." Evie started as she forced the taller man to dance a little.

"Lele we're on a mission there's no time for dancing we need to get this over and done with." Alec denied all attempts of hers to get him to do something that was not a part of the mission. He was dead set on getting the stupid memories back so that they could begin to focus on something else. Plus he had no objection to ridding himself of the elder Fairchild sibling the younger one he didn't want to lose but the older one he had no liking towards. 

The two eventually left the dance floor and went back into the shadows surrounding the building. They were not far away from the others and could easily watch the meeting between Clary, Jace and Magnus. Evie watched as Alec stared at the warlock obviously the pictures hadn't done the man enough justice as he had taken the breath away from the most stubborn supernatural police officer she had met so far. 

It wasn't long into the meeting when everything went wrong. Well to put it bluntly it all went terribly wrong. There was all of a sudden a lot of screaming a lot of pleading. And a lot of scary dressed men in black looking forward to killing everyone. It was then that the two emerged from the shadows. Alec fired an arrow into one guy stopping him shortly from reaching Magnus and Evie fired a knife at the other. The two intruders went down and the two shadowhunters emerged from their hiding spot. 

Magnus had turned towards Alec with a look of pure intrigue on his face. "Who are you?" He had asked and obviously it was good first impressions all around. Evie wasn't even annoyed that she had been overlooked with the focus being on someone else.  At least this time it wasn't her sister. This time it was well deserved. 

Eventually, Magnus fleed the scene. He had begged only for Clary to join him. Evie was never offered the chance to go. Not that she would want to. But it might have been nice for the offer to have been extended to both sisters. 

Perhaps she was something else compared to her sister. Perhaps she wasn't as important.

Perhaps she was a mistake.

Because noone ever seems to miss a mistake. 

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