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A roll of thunder rumbles out across the plain. The ground quakes beneath my feet. I take two steps aside, mud and blood splash. A bolt of lightning streaks across the black sky, lighting up one of the seven dragon heads. It's raining too hard to see if they're all still intact.

"For Odin!" I yell. My throat feels sore from screaming. I lash out with my sword, and it's deflected by stone scales. Teeth clamp around my arm, and the ground disappears beneath my feet. 

Pain, indescribable pain. The monster releases me and I am flung through the air. My arm - my arm is torn off! Blood gushes down, spatters upon my sisters who fight beneath me. There are bodies, as far as the eye can see. The stench of death is choking me. Odd. It never has before. Is it different now that I, myself, am dying? I try to beat my wings, but the pain takes away all forms of control. I hit the muck, which has an iron taste. Panting and crying I crawl away, looking for shelter, a place where I can die peacefully. 

There is no peace on a battlefield, where thousands of heroes die without a chance to see Valhalla. Someone kneels down beside me. It is a young woman, with raven black hair and sky-blue eyes that are brimming with tears. "Let me help you, milady." She holds a golden object in her hands. "Breathe your last sigh into this. Then..."

"Be silent, you scoundrel!" Anger flares up. "Did you really think I wouldn't recognize you?" The pain that strikes my heart is sharper than that of the stump of my shoulder.

The lovely smile disappears and the shape changes into that of the black-haired god. His face is pale and his eyes flash between the bloody waterfall and my face. 

"You betrayed me. You betrayed everyone." I breathe shakily. "I should have known. Somehow I have always known this day would come."

He doesn't show an ironic smile, but looks over his shoulder. "You think I did this?"

"Of course... I... do."

He hovers over me, then presses his lips against my forehead. Fazed by incomprehension, I search for his eyes. "You're wrong, then." He wraps his arms around me and the next moment we are in a quiet field. "Here, you can die." He smooths my hair, then he stands up. Before I can blink, he is gone. 

Loki could have saved my life. 

He didn't.

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