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Seoul Life Care Hospital

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Seoul Life Care Hospital

Seokjin fixed his eyes and hair before knocking on the door in front of him. He was clearly able to see his father inside the room, resting on his hospital bed.

He turned the knob and peeked his head inside,"Appa", He smiled brightly to his father. 

Mr. Kim opened his eyes and smiled as soon as he saw his son in front of him,"Ah! Seokjin-ah. Come inside", He adjusted himself on the bed.

Seokjin chuckled and sat beside his father,"How've you been appa? Are you feeling well?", He questioned, while decorating few flowers on the vase infront of him.

Mr. Kim sighed,"I don't know Seokjin-ah!", Mr. Kim held his son's hand.

"I don't think I've much time left. Doctor said that I have only 2 month left or so".

Seokjin blinked his eyes twice. He knew that his father had very less days left. Death was knocking on his door, but he never knew that his father would say directly about his condition to him.

He felt his heart sinking deep inside. Tears were dwelling on his eyes, making it hard for him to utter anything but he suppressed it, and smiled brightly,"Ah! Appa!! You will live, don't say that!", He held on to his father's hand tightly, giving slight pat on it.

Mr Kim shook his head,"How is Taehyung?".

Seokjin frowned,"Not good", He sighed,"He still have grudges for us".

Mr Kim nodded slightly,"It's hard for him to forget everything. He went through a lot".

Seokjin made his lips into a thin line,"I understand", He nodded,"Is Taejoon still coming to meet you?".

"He just left an hour ago".

Seokjin nodded.

"I told Taehyung about your condition too", Mr Kim instantly gave all of his attention to Jin, "What did he say?", He desperately waited to hear the answer.

"He still cares about you".

Seokjin smiled.

"I saw it in his eyes".


                    Chapter: 16



'Father is sick. He is in hospital right now'

'Please meet him. Please'

Taejoon closed the door, and kept his umbrella inside the cupboard.

"Taehyung-ah?", He called his brother.

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