Stella And Ashley's Date

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So thanks to everybody that has read, voted, commented and fanned me. You guys must really like the story then! Well here is chapter 4! Will this be the moment for sexy time? Read on and find out ;)

                As soon as Becca and I went into my room, I hopped into the shower while Becca got my outfit together. She pulled out my turquoise dress, my tan platform heels, my tweed clutch, gold earrings and this cute ring she got me for my birthday. When I got out of the shower, I looked at the clock and it was almost 8. “Stella hurry up and get dressed so I can do your hair and makeup. Ashley’s gonna be here any moment.” Becca said rushing me. I quickly got dressed and sat down so Becca can do my hair and makeup. She curled my hair and did my makeup really pretty. As she was finishing up, the doorbell rang. “I’ll go get it Stella. Just touch up your make up.” Becca said running downstairs. When she opened the door, it was Ashley, right on time. “Hi Becca is Stella ready?” Ashley asked her. “Yeah she’ll be down in a second. She’s just touching up her makeup.” She told him. As I made my way downstairs, I heard the two of them having a conversation. Ashley stopped talking and just looked at me. “Wow Stella you look beautiful.” Ashley said spinning me around. “Thanks Ashley. You look not so bad yourself.” I said blushing.  “HAVE FUN YOU TWO! DON’T MAKE ANY BABIES!” Becca yelled from the couch as we headed out the door.  Ashley just laughed and I flipped her off. “Sorry about Becca. She really doesn’t have a filter.”  I said giggling. “It’s ok. I like her, but not as much as I like you. Besides Andy likes her a lot.” Ashley said.

                The date went pretty good. I wasn’t expecting Ashley to take me to a really fancy place. “Do you wanna go hang out at my house for a bit?” Ashley asked me. “Yeah sure that would be fun. Let me text Becca so she doesn’t worry and that she can sleep over at my place.” I said pulling out my phone. I texted Becca telling her that I was at Ashley’s and that she can sleepover at my house as we were pulling up to his house. “Your house is really gorgeous Ashley.” I said looking around. “Thanks. Come on I’ll show you my room.” Ashley said pulling me upstairs. “Don’t try anything Mr. Purdy.” I said looking at him. “I can’t promise anything. I’m a perv after all.” He said winking at me. His bedroom was really gorgeous too. We sat on his bed and just talked for a bit. “Your feet must be hurting you in those heels. Take them off and I’ll give you a foot massage.” Ashley offered. “Thank you Ashley that’s so sweet of you.” I smiled. I have to admit, Ashley gave the best foot massage I have ever had. It felt so good. “Stella can I ask you something?” Ashley asked looking at me. “Yeah sure.” I said looking at him.  “Look I like you a lot so can I kiss you?” Ashley asked me looking in my eyes. I hesitated for a bit before saying yes. Ashley was such a good kisser and that led to making out which led to our clothes coming off. Next thing I knew Ashley was on top of me naked. “Are you sure you wanna do this?” he asked me. “Yes I’m positive. You have no idea how long I’ve wanted this.” I said with lust in my eyes. He thrusted himself into me and he was huge. It took me awhile to get used to him but it felt too good that I didn’t want it to end.

                The next morning, I woke up with Ashley’s arms around me and I was still naked. I could hear his light snoring behind me. I turned around and kissed his nose to wake him up. “Morning beautiful.” He said smiling a sleepy smile at me. “Morning Ashley. I need to get home and shower. I smell like sex.” I said laughing. “And that’s a bad thing?” he asked me. “No it’s not. I just need to shower and get into some fresh clothes.” I said sticking my tongue out.  Ashley and I quickly got dressed and he took me home. “See you later beautiful.” Ashley said kissing my cheek. “Later Ash.” I said getting out of the car. As I got inside, I saw Becca on the couch eating cereal watching tv. “So Stella how was your date?” She asked me.  I didn’t answer right away as I got flashbacks of Ashley eating me out then thrusing into me so hard that I thought I was gonna die. “Hello? Stella you there?” she asked shaking my shoulders, bringing me back to reality. “Oh um yeah. My date was good. I had a great time.” I said smiling. “I bet you did because you did the walk of shame. So how was he?” She asked me with a raised eyebrow. “He was amazing actually. I like him a lot.” I said as I made my way upstairs to shower and put on some sweats and a baggy tank top. I hung out with Becca the rest of the day and I couldn’t wait to see Ashley again.

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