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She didn't want love.
She wanted to be loved.
And that was
entirely different


Walking down the streets alone, Heaven was smiling from ear to ear to herself. She was reliving the joyous and passionate memories of her and Killian in her head. She felt something she didn't feel before. It was like she was flying and no one is here to catch her. She felt free. Free from all the pain she experienced once.

She gave herself to him. After spending nearly a month meeting up with him almost everyday, she slowly began to fall for him. At first it was just a little celebrity crush, but after spending so much time with him, she was sure that her little crush developed into something bigger. She fell for him.

She didn't forget how her body was hit with bolts of electricity when his lips touched hers for the first time. He was her first kiss. Her first everything. Slowly from kisses to kisses it got further. She gave him herself. Lost her virginity to him. He was so sweet and caring. Heaven never knew how it felt to be loved and cherished, but with him she felt all that and more.

The way his hands touched her body gently as if she's a porcelain doll that could break any moment, never left her mind. She craved for his gentle and loving touch. She craved for his sweet words and passionate kisses. She craved for him.

When she finally arrived home, she got a text from him saying that he'll be out of town for a while because of a film shooting. Her smile dropped and tears started to water her big ocean blue eyes. "I will miss you!" She texted back holding back a sob. She didn't want her mean aunt to hear her. She was already suspicious of Heaven's disappearance every day.


A month has passed and Killian was still not back. She missed him a lot. She would cry herself to sleep every single night. She also wasn't feeling well since he left. She was getting nauseous every day and was gaining weight. Her old jeans didn't fit her anymore, but she didn't have money to buy new ones. She would always try to text him, sometimes he would reply saying he missed her too, but lately he was ignoring her.

He would see the message but not reply. Something was off Heaven thought. A week after she found out from a website that Killian is back in town. She wasted no time in going to the hotel they always met in. "Why are you here, Heaven?" His question made Heaven's heart sink to her stomach. She was confused as to why he was asking her that. His face wasn't sweet and loving like always. He was looking at her coldly like he didn't even know her. "W-What do you mean?" She asked slightly hurt.

"I asked you why you're here?" He replied coldly rolling his eyes in the process. "I came here to see you. I missed you a lot a-and thought you missed me too." She told him heartbroken. Why was he behaving this way? She asked herself over and over again. "Well, you're wrong. I didn't miss you and now please get out!" He said sternly. "B-but-" "No buts Heaven just get out! You're nothing to me! Did you really think that what happened between us is real love?" He cut her off breaking her heart even more.

"W-what was it then?" She questioned tears freely falling down her face. "I was just having fun. A summer fling if you want to name it." He responded turning his back to her. "Now leave and never come back!" He finally stated.
Heaven couldn't believe what she was hearing. She thought she finally found someone who would love and care for her, but it turned out to be a big fat lie.

Her heart ached so much. This time nothing could heal her wounds anymore.

~End of Flashback~

Killian didn't come out of his room all day. He was thinking hard about a certain someone. When he thought he finally forgot her, she came to his life again from nowhere. It was like destiny wanted them to be in front of each other but never together. The regret was killing him. He felt bad for all the names he called her. She wasn't a slut. A girl as innocent and pure as her can never be a slut. She was an angel and he was the devil who was breaking her.

He lied when he said that she meant nothing to him. She was everything he thought about the past three years of his life. He never forgot her. She was the only girl who didn't want him for his fame and money. Yet he pushed her away for a stupid contract he made long ago. It pained him to see the tears glistening her beautiful blue eyes the day he left her. He knew from the beginning that she would be more than just a friend to him.

He fell for her innocence. He fell for her. He admitted it to himself long ago. He loved her. But he can't be with her. And now seeing her again after all these years, awoke something in him again. He wants to have her in his arms forever yet still he has to push her away. It's better for both of them. He will make her hate him.

"Georgina, let Heaven come and clean my room!" He demanded through the phone. "Sir, Heaven is now not available." The old woman responded. "Why? Where is she?" He asked irritated. "She's putting her son to sleep." Those words shook his entire world. "She has a son?" He whispered to himself, but Georgina heard him "Yes sir, he's a little three year old munchkin. You have to see him, this boy is too precious!" She told him giggling to herself.
Killian was shocked. It can't be! He thought to himself.

Heaven has a three year old son.



End of chapter 7.

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