chapter five ; my name is

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october. 2009

"Alright. It's done." Finn stated as he exited the RV. Millie wiped some sweat from her forehead and got out of her lawn chair. They'd skipped school and went into the desert to cook a batch of meth. They'd been doing that twice a week for two weeks, it was a flawless plan for them.

"So uh... What was your excuse today?" The curly haired boy asked, chuckling at the end. Millie always had to come up with some crazy story to tell Jacob, so he wouldn't be suspicious.

Millie inhaled and then sighed deeply. "I told him I was going to a dog show. uhm... I'm kinda thinking of breaking up with him. If he finds out about our business he's gonna ruin everything."

Finn cocked his head and looked at her. He took a step toward the brunette girl and cracked a smile. He didn't want her to break up with him if she loved him. He didn't want to be in the way of her happiness.

"Don't let this business stand in your way of happiness. Love is more important than money." He stated softly as he gazed into her chocolate eyes. She giggled.

"Yo, I don't love him. He's one of the worst people I've ever met in my life... I don't know why I fell for him." The brunette retorted. Finn bit his lip and nodded. He felt happy to know that Millie was dissatisfied with her current boyfriend. He knew it was wrong to feel that way but he couldn't help it.

Whenever he was with Millie he felt something exciting. It was anxiety, it was exhilerating, and it was awesome.

"Yo here's your share of the cash." Millie said after a few minutes of no conversing. She tossed Finn the small bag that contained the money. He simply looked at it in confusion.

"We've been selling for almost a month and I've only made $4,000 in total." He retorted in a serious manner. It was a hell of a lot of money for him, but it wasn't enough to pay for his father's medical treatments.

He kept the money hidden under his bed. He had a few close calls when his mother wanted to vaccum under his bed, although fortunately he was able to deter her.

"Well most people have a distributor. For example, we manufactor the product and sell it to a distributor, then the distributor sells it to the people. We would have to make the product in bulk and we would make a lot more cash." Millie did her best to explain. Fven though Finn was extremely smart, he knew nothing about life on the streets.

"Do you know a distributor?" He questioned.

Millie scoffed. "I did, but you killed him."

Finn swallowed hard when she brought up Peyton. He hated thinking about it. He just wanted the memory to completely fade away.

"Look, I'll find another distributor. By next week we will quadruple our profits."


"Alright everyone listen up." David Harbour voiced loudly. He was getting ready to update the office on the Peyton Wich case. Everyone was itching to know what happened to that guy.

The man cleared his throat and then continued to talk. "I'm sure most of you remember the piece of shit known as Peyton Wich, or Krazy-8. Well, a waste collector found his dead body in a trash bag."

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