Part 4: The Three Trials of Akala Island

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[Name]'s POV

I saunter towards the Pokémon Center on Route 5, partaking in a double battle with two teens. "Let's get healed up," I whisper while opening the Center doors. I walk up to Nurse Joy and she heals my Pokémon, smiling, and sending me on my merry way. I leave the Pokémon Center and follow the path right and down some stairs where I come to the end of the path with a sign that says 'Welcome to Brooklet Hill'. I grin and take the wooden plank bridge over the crystal blue water, onto the sand on the other side.

A woman, with a white sailor shirt and long, loose, blue pants with a wave design, stands at the bottom of a few steps. "Hello," she nods her head. "I am Lana, the Captain of Brooklet Hill," she introduces herself to me. "Nice to meet you! I'm [Name]; and Mallow wanted me to tell you she says hi," I chuckle and Lana nods her head with a faint smile. "Mallow, huh? Well, Trial-goer, will you be taking on my Trial?" she asks and I grin. "I'd be stupid not to," I say and she smiles. "Then let me start off with an explanation. For my Trial, you will herd the Pokémon, that can be found in the pools of Brooklet Hill downstream to draw out the Totem Pokémon. The Pokémon you will heard are Wishiwashi," she explains and I hum.

"I take it I'll need a swimsuit?" I asks and she shakes her head. "Actually, you don't need to swim," she says and registers Lapras in my Ride Pager. "Ah, I see," I smile and she nods. "Now that you're ready, follow me this way," she states and I follow her up some steps and through some high-grass to where a pool of water is. "See those splashes of water out there?" Lana asks and I look out to see some of the blue water, a more whiteish color from the splashing. "Let me guess, it contains Wishiwashi?" I ask and she chuckles slightly. "That's what I'm thinking. Now all you need to do is drive them downstream with Lapras," she states and I walk over to where the ground becomes water.

I page Lapras and get on top of him, making my way over to one of the first splashes. I look down into the water when a Pokémon I've never seen before pops out. My Rotom Dex scans it and I hum 'so this is a Dewpider' I click my tongue while calling out Brionne. "Use Disarming Voice," I state and he does. The move does a fair amount of damage and I huff. 'It's a Bug/Water-Type, which makes this fairly difficult' I sigh, before looking at Brionne. "Keep using Disarming Voice," I tell him and within a few minutes, Dewpider is unconscious and I'm healing up Brionne.

I direct Lapras over to the second splash where a Wishiwashi greets me. I battle it and when I defeat it, it swims downstream, making me grin. "I expected this from the League Champion of the other regions. Please continue to drive the Wishiwashi downstream for me," Lana says and I smirk. "So you know who I am?" I ask and she nods. "Of course I do. Now get going," she shoos me off and Lapras drops me off on the ground on the other side of the pool of water. "Time to go scare the Wishiwashi," I grin before jogging down the path and through some grass.

I find Lana at the edge of the next pool of water and I call upon Lapras and jump on top of him. He takes me over to the first set of splashing and I battle the Wishiwashi, chasing them downstream. The second set of splashing contains another Dewpider, and I use Dartrix to take it down. Lapras takes me over to the other side of the water and I jump off its back and land on the ground, running down the path and stopping at the edge of the sand. "Over there, [Name]! Look!" Lana points out one spot of the water that's splashing. "That's your Totem Pokémon, if you defeat it, you pass my Trial," she tells me and I smirk.

I page Lapras and ride over to the splashing water when it starts to pour. The water around me starts to become rough and a huge Araquanid appears in front of me. I frown and take a Pokéball off my hip, letting it expand to full size in my hand. "Let's win this," I grin before calling out my Pokémon I'll be using.

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