I looked at my reflection in the full length mirror that hung on my closet door, my straight brown hair that usually fell just below my shoulders was pulled back into a messy bun with my bangs braided into it. Summer had just started so my naturally tan skin was darker than normal, I put on a light coat of powder, mascara, and eyeshadow before I got into my silver Prius and headed to work.

I clocked into my job at Trader Joes at 10 o'clock Monday morning. I loved my job because it was located right behind the biggest mall in Lincoln, NE. This meant that during my break I could visit my best friends Libby and Mads who also worked in the mall. I started organizing my station in check-out aisle number 8 while the rest of my coworkers dispersed from the break room to their stations as well, stocking shelves, setting out free samples, and some joining me a the registers. Soon after, we opened up for business. I helped customers purchase assorted organic food for a couple of hours before I went back to the supply room and decided to spend some time stocking shelves.

I was putting apple flavored granola bars on a shelf when I heard faint screaming in the distance. I instantly knew that there had to be a concert coming up. Ever since the new arena was built two years ago, famous people had started coming to the mall on occasion, usually followed by screaming fans. It had been really exciting for the first few months, everyone would press their faces to the glass to see which famous face we could get a glimpse of.

After a while, it got old and we would shrug off the screams that would go by every once in a while. Maybe it would be more exciting if they came in to shop, but no celebrities come to malls to buy organic candy bars. Which is why I was really surprised when the screaming got progressively louder, then died out, and a couple of seconds later the sliding doors of Trader Joes opened and in came a sprinting guy whose face a couldn't make out because of how fast he was going. He made a beeline for a stack of boxed strawberries and crouched down behind them.

I really wanted to know what was going on so I walked up behind him and tapped his shoulder. He gasped in shock and spun around, still panting from all the running. I was taken aback when I saw that I was looking into the gorgeous brown eyes of Liam Payne. He grinned up at me which made my heart beat fast. 

"L-Liam" I breathed, my surprise was audible.

"Yes," he laughed "and what's your name?"

"Ava, nice to meet you" I said, after regaining my composure.

"Nice to meet you too, " Liam stated with a smile spread over his beautiful face.

I chuckled at his position seated under the mountain of strawberries.

"Can I help you find something?"

"Um...yes actually, I could use some...bagels."

"Okay," I said while helping him up " follow me!"

He raised the hood of his sweatshirt up over his head so no one could see him as I led him to the bagels. He kept naming food for me to find him while I led him all around the store making easy conversation. When it came time for him to check out, I had to ring up two carts that were completely full.

"Ava?" Liam said after his groceries were bagged.

"Yeah Liam?" I replied as I tore his receipt off of the machine and tucked it into one of the bags.

"Well I think that those crazed fans might still be out there. Is there anywhere that I can wait and avoid them?"

I looked at him doubtfully because it had been over three hours and if the fans were really looking, they definitely would've found him by now and they probably thought he had left a long time ago. But it meant a little more time that I could spend with my biggest celebrity crush so I went with it. I led him through the store and back room into the walk-in freezer. He followed me in and I closed the big metal door behind us.

"Really?" he said with a laugh "the freezer?"

"Yeah, I would've taken you to the break room but my coworkers go in there all the time and they're fans too. No one will find you here. But I did forget how cold it is in here." I explained while rubbing my arms in an attempt to warm up.

"Here, take my sweatshirt" he offered while placing it over my shoulders.

The smile that was plastered on my face just from being in his presence widened.

"Thank you," I said as I slipped my arms into the sleeves.

"No problem," he replied with a shy grin on his face.

I was on a cloud, incredibly happy. I was wearing Liam Payne's sweatshirt!!! But I was able to make easy conversation with him despite my excitement.

"I should probably get going," he said after over half an hour of sitting and talking in the freezer.

"Okay," I replied with sadness in my voice. The day had been amazing and I didn't want it to end.

"Thanks for helping me," he said while he wrapped his strong arms around me and pulled me into a hug.

"My pleasure, it was great to meet you."

We pulled apart but before I could completely release him, he leaned in and within seconds his lips were on mine. Once I got over the initial shock, I melted into the kiss. It was more than I could've dreamt of; passionate, sweet, it made my knees weak and my heart melt. When he pulled away all I could say was:


He smiled back at me, but this time it was me who kissed him. We kept going and after a while I felt his tongue brush against my bottom lip, I immediately let him in. Our tongues danced for a while before we broke apart.

"It was great to meet you too babe" he said while reaching into his pocket. He took out a pen and then reached out for my hand, I gave it to him and he started writing on it.

"What are you doing?" I asked.

"You'll see," he replied with a grin.

Soon after he stopped writing and curled my fingers into my palm so I couldn't see what was written.

"Bye," he said as he turned to walk away. He was half way across the back room before I realized that I was still wearing his sweatshirt.

"Wait!" I called after him "You forgot your sweatshirt"

"Keep it," he replied with a smile "something to remember me by until I see you again"

"You'll see me again?"

"I hope so," he said with a grin and a wink.

And with that he was gone. I was in shock from everything that had happened, I was wearing Liam Payne's sweatshirt and I had just made out with him!!! I got so caught up in thinking about everything that had happened that I almost forgot that he had written me a note on my hand. I looked down and saw that he had given me his number followed by:

"Txt me babe xx


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