Chapter 2

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-Sollux P.O.V-

"Sollux! Sollux! Wake up! Wake up! Wake up!" Mituna shakes you around violently. You groan and shove your face into your pillow.

"Five more minutes." You hear a little whine from him as he tries dragging you out of bed. After two more minutes of this you can hear your dad come in, you hate this day. "I don't wanna." You mumble.

"You have to." Your dad tells you. You finally get up after what you assume has been five minutes, Mituna eagerly drags you out of your room.

"Look!" He shows you his newest drawing, you assume it's him and his human girlfriend, you've met her, she's alright. He asks if you like it, you say yes, he's been improving. You don't think he'll ever be as good as he was before the hunter incident, most people think Mituna's your brother, but he's actually your cousin, you were raised together, his dad was killed in the incident, that's why you try to act like humans, you're a rare breed that no human or demon really accepts, as far as you know, you and your family are hybrids, you are both demon and human. You walk with Tuna, a nickname his dad used to use, it grew on you when you were younger, you snap back to reality, you need to make sure he doesn't get lost. Tuna is a special needs kid, so he goes to a special school because of it. "Bye Sollux!" He calls out as he's running to the school.

"Bye Tuna!" You call back. You start walking to your school alone, it was hard at first, but you didn't understand when you were younger, you remember once you asked your dad when your uncle was coming home, the look on his face when you said that was heartbreaking. While lost in your thoughts you run into someone.

"Watch where you're goin!" You recognize that accent, Eridan, you kinda his friend, barely. He grabs your arm you can't help up tense up, since you family can't really get blood, you've been feeding off yourself, and you're praying he doesn't notice. "God ya can't even walk without runnin into somethin, you're hopeless." Turns out you have the same class, with Eridan, a person that has basically told you that he wants to commit demon genocide, thank god he doesn't know. You notice the new kid, his name's Dave apparently, and he's clinging to, Karkat? But Karkat doesn't even talk to anyone, hell you don't even think he can talk, at least, not anymore. You look at your schedule, it's all over the place, you have math and then history, which are on opposite ends of the school, and that's not even the worst one, you have tech, which you love, and then you have PE, which you hate, and those classes are two floors apart. You look through old notes you made and, oh god, you had a tiny crush on Eridan last year, you've gotten over it, for the most part, you're notes are filled with hearts, drawings, and love poems, you would throw them away, but you need to remember what's on them.

When lunch rolls around you're really hungry, you can get energy from human food, but you still need to feed. By the looks of things, Eridan just had PE you can't help but stare at his neck, you can feel you mouth begin to water, you follow him into the bathroom, maybe if you're quick he won't know it was you. You start feeding off him and he suddenly slams you into a wall. You trying apologizing but you know how stubborn he can be, you're at his mercy.

"I love you" You mutter, you pray he didn't hear that, you just had to say it, you look him in the eyes, you're mismatched eyes meet his perfect brown ones. He loosens the grip on you, you lean in and try to kiss him, your head suddenly hurts and you watch the world around you fade to black.

"You're lucky I'm not killin ya for usin your powers on me." The last thing you hear, his voice, full of hatred for you.

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