Chapter Thirty-nine

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It was dinner but I was alone. I could hear the hundreds of voices above me, I want to be with my friends, my family. 'Forever' our chant rang through my head.

It felt like forever since we had spoken to the camp or each other without something going wrong. It felt like forever since we had resued Annabeth from those death eater things, speaking of which I hadn't seen anyone in that house. So how did the ministry take people away? Was there a spell to turn people invisible? Unknowable? I sighed and ran a sweating hand through my cloke. I didn't like this world. I decided suddenly. I didn't like that everyone seemed so careless and carefree. We were supposed to be helping them get over a war and they didn't even need it. Sure hushed whispers and murmuring of comfort still flooded through but they didn't need it like we did! One smile seemed to fix everything, a hug seemed to fix everything... A letter from a parent seemed to fix everything.

Even Harry had Mrs Weasley. Maybe that's it. We are still kids, kids who want their parents to stop acting like fighting wars is normal, Who want someone to care like a parent would. 

I cried.

It was something that I had done a lot recently but never like this. Violent sobs shook me and my shoulders seemed heavy, I fell to my side my head buried in pillows. I never really cared about mum, she left me. Didn't want me but now, at this moment, I want her more than ever. I've never thought like this, is this how Luke felt. Alone? Empty? Forgotten?

Well... isn't this just... Pathetic.

leave me alone! 

I don't think I will. Annabeth and Piper sure are smart for realising that. Not even you, the one whom I control knew about it. Now, what did I say about looking for things that do not concern you? 

My stomach churned and all of my tears withered. 

I don't understand. I didn't go looking for why you didn't control me for long.

ahh, but you did, those letters, Luna's behaviour all of it was why. You know and as long as all of you know Ron has too. He's known for quite some time, He and Hermoine have been planning to help me. They don't trust you and I think they have every right too.

What are you talking about?

Controlling one from each house has nothing to do with me but with Hermione. She has blackmail material. She could tell the school about all of your secrets everyone written down by her in your little yellow diary. 


It creates chaos, Draco bearly has any good reputation left. He could be very easily hurt and manipulated. You have to protect your friends and make sure the whole demigod business doesn't come out and Luna well she's rather easy to hurt.

That's why Hermione didn't mind and why Ron is being rude to Luna and why Draco looked so scared. That's why Harry couldn't find a plan red diary for Hermione, It doesn't exist, why?

What do you mean? Why what you fool!?

his voice sent a symphony of pain through my skull. 

Why are Ron and Hermione doing this?

Power and well the three of us all have the same goal.


We all want revenge for those who we have lost.

They took control before I could ask more. What a painful way to end a conversation.

thanks for reading! I know I'm evil but anyways I really hoped you liked it! Good morning/night!